Odyssey New Red Ball Putter


Odyssey Red Ball is a face-balanced mallet putter with a Red Ball scope, Versa high contrast alignment, and a White Hot RX insert.

Odyssey built the Red Ball Putters specifically to address and improve on two things: proper set up and proper alignment. Having the right set up and alignment is crucial for any player, and this innovative new design is all about getting you properly positioned over the ball.

The distinct Red Ball inside the scope of the putter so that it’s incredibly easy to align the face to the intended start line on every putt. Combined with the black and white framing from our proven Versa high contrast alignment, this forgiving mallet removes the variables in your set up.

And that’s how you’re able to get the right set up and the proper line every time you’re over the ball. With all of this technology, and the legendary sound, feel and roll from our White Hot RX insert, you have everything you need to become a more consistent putter.

Red Ball For Easy and Consistent Setup

The innovative Red Ball in the scope of the putter allows you to consistently get into the proper setup over the ball.

Improved Alignment From Versa

The proven Versa high contrast technology also helps you align the putter so you get set up on your intended line.

White Hot Sound and Feel

The White Hot RX insert provides legendary sound, feel, and great roll. To make more putts you have to get the line AND the speed right, and combining Red Ball and Versa with White Hot will help you with that.

More Forgiveness From A Mallet Shape and Face Balanced

The mallet design and face balance in the Red Ball takes the weight out of the center of the head and redistribute it into the perimeter of the head.  Meaning the putter has more forgiveness and is easier to keep the putter head on line and square through the stroke and impact.

If interested in the Red Ball Putter (currently have

introductory offer / special) – please feel free to contact me

at timg@moenormangolf.com or timkgraves@aol.com

(I can not advertise special publicly – but happy to discuss through email).

6 thoughts to “Odyssey New Red Ball Putter”

    1. Hello Rich –

      You would not want the Red Ball Putter in 42 inch length. That is basically the length of an arm lock putter or a short long (broom stick) putter.

      The weight of the head of the Red Ball Putter is 360 grams.

      An arm lock length (42 inches, etc..) needs to be at least 400 grams.

      Long putter needs to be at least 440 grams.

      The longest Red Ball is available is 38 inches (and that is pushing for almost too long…)

      If too light, you will loose all feel in the head and the stroke and solidness of impact will be greatly compromised.

      Let me know what I can do for you,


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