New Year, New You

Hello Single Plane Golfers. 

Welcome to 2019.  We are readying our company for a fantastic year.  I wanted to share with you some ideas about your training that you start making some plans to play your best golf this year. 

Single Plane Training at a GGA School

Practice is only as good as the quality of it.  Therefore, I wanted to introduce you to my training levels where the highest levels reflect the most productive and effective use of tools, time, energy and effort. 

The Levels of Swing Training & Practice

Level 1: Unproductive Practice

  • On the Range
  • Hitting balls Using ball-results as measurement
  • Estimating and making Assumptions
  • Reliance on Feelings
  • Troubleshooting: Guessing

Level 2: Training Aids and Tools

  •  Using Ball-flight results as measurement
  •  Use of Training Aids
  •  Reliance of Feelings
  • Troubleshooting: Guessing

Higher Levels of Training / Speed up the process of habit building  (Developing Training Routines – all high performers do this)

Level 3: Video Feedback 

  • Using Model as measurement / Comparing on Video
  • Perceptions and Adjustments
  • Must have understanding of Model
  • Must have way to compare directly to model (video)
  • Focus on Model not Ball-flight Results           
  • Troubleshooting: Matching the Model / Adjust

Level 4: Video Feedback and Use Training Aids (Combine Level 2 and Level 3)

  • Using Model as Measurement
  •  Perception and Adjustment
  • Training Aids Allow for Focus on Motion / Ensure correct positions
  • Focus on Model not Ball-flight Results
  • Troubleshooting: Using Aids / Video to Measure and Match the Model

Level 5: Ideal Training – Biofeedback with Training Aids with Video

  • Using Body Motion is the Measurement
  • Instant Motion Feedback
  • You instantly Feel as You Practice
  • Perfectly Match the Model
  • Focus: Process and Motion not Results
  • Use Video Feedback Tools
  • Troubleshooting: Adjust Body Position / Develop Motion, Strength and Flexibility

For more information about Biofeedback training visit :

Level 6: Direct from Coach: Lessons, GGA Schools, Online Coaching

  • Match the Model
  • Combine Body Motion and Ball-Flight Results
  • Use Training / Video and Bio-feedback Tools
  • Match the Model
  • Troubleshooting: Refer to Coach for Guidance

Highest Level Training / Maintain / Improve – Make it Stronger

 Level 7:  Ball Flight Result Practice

  • Model is mastered – Video is Proof
  • Repetition is the Goal
  • Make is Stronger
  • Troubleshooting: Refer to Fundamentals / Minor adjustments

Level 8: Maintenance and Improvement

  • Off the Course Routine to Stay Fit and Flexible
  • Easily Identify if Something is Not Correct
  • Easily Fix Something That is Incorrect
  • Ideal Training Regimen for Off-season and On-Season
  • Occasional Visit / Feedback from Coach to “Check-in”

Obviously the goal is to attain the highest level of practice as much as possible.  When I asked Moe why he kept practicing he would confirm his reason, “To make it stronger”.  Moe was at level 7 and 8.  Interestingly, even though Moe was the best, he kept practicing and knew the importance of repetition.  

2 thoughts to “New Year, New You”

  1. Trying single plane this season….have hit some balls using the method, 5 iron through driver my contact is consistent….my wedges are horrible, 6 7 8 9 are irradic at best. I need a club fit for these irons….I love the impact and consistency of the Single plane…..

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