As we progress into the full swing of golf season, I’m proud to announce that we have developed 2 new school formats, and added new locations for these schools for 2013.

A little background before I get too far.

For the past 13 years, Todd and Tim have traveled around the country teaching in our 3 day schools and 5 day Build Your Game Camps. While we have tried to cover as much territory as possible, we have not been able to reach every golfer who wanted hands on instruction in the Single Plane Swing. Knowing that Todd and Tim have limited time and a limited travel schedule, we have been working to come up with a solution for golfers who want to get hands on instruction without a 3 or 5 day commitment of time, and the expense of travel that comes with that.

So, last winter, we developed the Single Plane Experience schools. These schools run 1 full day, or over 2 half days, offering the ability for you to receive a hands on, personalized introduction and instruction in the Single Plane Swing and GGA’s teaching.

Lead by certified GGA instructors, these programs are the perfect opportunity to take your Single Plane swing, wedge game, and putting game to a whole other level.

In addition, our certified instructors for the Single Plane Experience schools are going to be offering something never seen in the golf instruction industry – Guaranteed Improvement Programs! These programs, ranging from 30 days to 1 year, are personalized instruction programs where our instructor will access your game, help you develop a plan for improvement, and then work with you to achieve your goals after your Single Plane Experience school.

The Single Plane Experience schools are being held in the following locations:

  • Palm Springs, CA through May
  • Warrenton, VA (D.C. area) from April – August
  • Orlando, FL from May-December
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada from April-October

You can find out more about what is involved in the Single Plane Experience schools by clicking the links below:

  • 1 day Single Plane Experience – Click HERE
  • 2 day Single Plane Experience – Click HERE

Our goal for you, our customer and golfer, is to provide you with the best golf instruction experience in the industry, and we have full faith and confidence that the Single Plane Experience schools are a great way for you to get the instruction you want and need from our stable of quality golf instructors.

If you have questions about the Single Plane Experience schools, please contact me at