New Biomechanics Sessions

We are again offering a 2-hour “Biomechanics Session” (offered first time this past spring – EXTREMELY popular – filled up very fast). This is a one day only session at our home base here in Oklahoma City (our BEAUTIFUL new facility at Rose Creek Golf Course).

In this two-hour session, we will Analyze the Biomechanics of your swing and help you directly train those areas of your motion to improve your Single Plane Swing. 

Single Plane Motion Analysis dives deeply into how the body produces power and accuracy. By analyzing your motion and positions, we can match your biomechanics to the ideal motion of the model Single Plane Swing – with precise analytical detail. These measurements include:


Shoulder Rotation

Pelvis Rotation

Primary Spine Tilt

Secondary Spine Tilt

Body Separation

Kinematic Sequence


By understanding your body measurements, we can locate where you lack in both ranges of motion and flexibility and how these limitations are keeping you from achieving the perfect Single Plane Swing Model. 


This program will include:


A Detailed analysis of the rotations of your swing

The analysis of the Kinematic Sequencing

Where and how you can access more power in your swing

Additional coaching to reinforce the new movements.


To see more information about these sessions:  CLICK HERE

Or as always – you can call us at the GGA at 866-377-2316 for more information. 

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