Article by GGA Master Instructor Clay Farnsworth, PGA

My apologies to the ladies out there for the name of the article although the topic usually does not fit your profile completely. What I’m referring to is the difference between a couple of types of students that I see often.

I have a few students that I’ll label Mr. Right. These students will do whatever it takes to learn the proper grip, stance, set-up before they even worry about club movement. They will use whatever means necessary to make sure that can see and feel what they are doing and making sure that it is done correctly. Some common tools that are used are mirrors and video. They are always doing movements in slow motion so they can learn the correct swing positions and what each feel like. The guys will commonly do the Pivot Point Drill ad nauseum. They will do drills to help perfect movements. They will not hit golf balls until they can move the club properly. When they do hit golf balls they do not expect great results at first, instead, they will try to feel each position and possibly even video swings to ensure that they are doing things correctly. These guys will set measurable goals that they will be able to track their progress.

Mr. Right Now will work just as hard as Mr. Right. They will do drills, video swings, and try just as hard. Their problem will be excuses. I can’t video properly; I don’t have time to get to the course or driving range. They will use full swings at full speed and wonder why they cannot progress, and in fact, they may get worse. They will focus on results. They will the drills haphazardly. They want to be able to have the best Single Plane swing but will not do what is necessary to achieve the proper techniques.

At a recent school, we went around the room and asked each student what they wanted to get out of the class. There was the usual list of items, hit it further, more consistency, etc. Then there was someone that really surprised the staff, or at least me. He said that he had a three-year plan for improvement. He would do whatever it took to improve. During the class, he hit few full shots instead went for the slow motion movement while trying to improve his feelings for the correct positions in his swing. He is not alone in this endeavor. We have several students that are training in this way. During this same class, we used this student to show what he was working on. A simple pitch shot that was done very deliberately and in slow motion. Well done I might add. Then something happened that actually shocked me more than what this student was looking for. One of the students actually said, “what if you don’t have three years”.

My point is here being what type of student would you like to be, Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? I’m hoping that more of you are opting for the former as opposed to the latter.