(Comment by Tim): This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest issue as to why golfers come across the ball rather than swing down the line or from the inside. Coming across causes a slice or topped shot, while down the line (straight) from the inside (straight to draw). But ALWAYS remember – this is something you can work on when you have a proper/good grip, setup, and backswing. If you don’t, the vertical drop will only because of poor shot results… for example, if you have a good vertical drop in your swing (on plane) but your grip is too strong, the club face will be closed at impact causing a pull shot or hook. If you grip is too weak, the drop will result in open faced shot – weak right… Work in the order as discussed before – the vertical drop is very important, but make sure and “master” the fundamentals before or as you are working on this topic.

I will also be honest here – when discussing the vertical drop – this is one of those topics that the video speaks “1,000,000 words” compared to the pictures. Please review the pictures below to help with the vertical drop and then review our “GGA Total Game Overview – What the Moe Norman Swing is all About”. Focus on all the video/different views of the swing and focus a little more specific on the vertical drop. You will also see the slow motion down the line views of the vertical drop.

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Moe’s Vertical Drop


Pic 1: What you are about to see is a picture of Moe Norman demonstrating his “vertical drop”. When you see this picture, remember that when I asked Moe questions about his swing, he Moe would often show me his golf swing in “feelings”. This picture is Moe’s Way of demonstrating his feelings. I often feel the things Moe did in his golf swing which leads me to a new understanding of the many things he showed me. In this e-tip, we will discuss Moe’s, Vertical Drop.

Pic 2. Moe, what do you mean by “Vertical Drop”?


Pic 3. This picture was Moe’s feeling of the club movement from the Top of the backswing.

Pic 4. This movement is simply the feeling that you will get when you understand that once the leverage angle is correctly created, the movement of the downswing feels “flatter” than the backswing. This flatter feeling is what Moe called the “vertical drop”

Pic 5. Ben Hogan in his book “The Five Fundamentals of Golf” also described this feeling.


Pic 6. The goal is to get the correct on plane position at the top of the golf swing. This means you have correct hand and arm position.

Pic 7. Once you are on plane, simply by maintaining this leveraged position into your first move into the downswing, you notice shaft drop vertically. Ultimately, the vertical drop is a feeling created by correct hand and arm motion in the golf swing.

Good Luck Be watching for more upcoming Winter Practice Tips in upcoming Etips. Remember – ALWAYS PRACTICE WITH A PURPOSE