The Path To Great Golf

The GGA Path To Great Golf

Moe Norman called his golf swing “the feeling of greatness™”. His description accurately describes his experience and the result of all of the years of hard work that resulted in the greatest golf swing mechanics that ever played the game.

All of us desire our own “feeling of greatness™” but few of us can afford the time and effort that Moe Norman’s “feeling of greatness™” required.

Is there a shortcut to Moe Norman’s golf swing greatness, one that takes less time and effort?

GGA has found process to simplify the learning process to achieving Moe Norman’s golf swing. We call this process “The Path to a Great Golf Game” or “The Path”.

“The Path” consist of using your time wisely and practicing correctly.

The first part of improving your game is to develop a Moe Norman Single Plane Golf swing. Once your swing is achieved, you can focus on other parts of your game to become a better golfer. Here are the steps necessary for all students to achieve their own “Feeling of Greatness™”.

1) Understand the Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing

2) Model the Moe Norman Golf Swing / Compare / Get Feedback

3) Understand the Seven Principles of Golf Improvement

4) Continue your education by maintaining your fundamentals and training

5) Get necessary feedback, support and reinforcement

Step 1: Understand Moe Norman’s golf swing / Techniques

The GGA “Single Plane Solution” is the place to start and the first understanding in achieving your “feeling of greatness™”. To find more about the “Single Plane Solution” click HERE.

Step 2: Instruction / Model / Compare

With your understanding of the Moe Norman golf swing and the ‘Total Game’ approach employed by the Graves Golf Academy, the next step along the Path is a GGA 3 day school.

Held at our Graves Golf Academy locations in Oklahoma City & Orlando as well as locations around the nation, the 3 day golf school is the ideal way to get proper instruction to ensure you are making the necessary adjustments to your golf game to continue your improvement. To get more information on the 3 day school formats, visit our School Information page . To find a 3 day school in your area, visit our School Schedule Page.

If you are unable to attend a school now, or have attended a school and want further follow up, we highly recommend the Coaching Program, which allows you to receive one on one golf instruction from the GGA from the comfort of your home
Step 3: The Seven Principles Understanding

The next step on the Path is a milestone. Having a firm understanding of the potential you possess, you are now ready for the ‘Seven Principles of Golf Improvement; anatomy of a scratch golfer’ six volume instructional video series.
This series details every aspect of the total game, allowing you to measure your golf skills against those of a scratch golfer. This instructional series breaks down the entire golf game from the left hand grip in the full golf swing to how to think your way around the golf course in easy to learn and master parts.

Step 4: Five day Build Your Game Camp

Held at our Golf Academy locations in Oklahoma City, OK & Orlando, FL , along with San Diego, CA your Build Your Game Camp is an intense week spent honing your golf skills in the Seven Principles.

The Build Your Game Camp allows you to analyze your golf game and develop a “business plan” for reaching your goals with the game.

Step 5: Continuing Education

Depending on your ultimate goals with your golf game, Step 6 along your path will vary. Should your goals be to develop your golf game to a level to shoot consistently in the 80’s , an annual Two Day Alumni school is Step 6 on your path.

Should your goals be to reach the level where only 1% of the golfing population ever reaches, scratch golf , then Step 6 on your path is an annual Build Your Game Camp.

Step 6: Feedback & Reinforcement – The GGA Coaching Program

This step fits well along any point of your path . The Coaching Program allows you to receive the ‘hands-on’ golf instruction from the Graves Golf Academy from the convenience of your home .

To participate in the Coaching Program, you video your golf swing from the “down the target line” & “face on” camera angles with both a 6 iron and Driver (2-3 swings with each golf club from each angle) .

Graves Golf Academy has seen students greatly improve and develop their golf games. Over the years, we have seen a pattern to how students have achieved and developed.

This path has been developed through the cooperation of the Graves Golf Academy and our alumni as an ‘ideal’ path with the GGA for a golfer to reach whatever goals they have with the game. That being said, the Path can be customized to fit your needs based on time, goals, or budget .

Here is the “path” taken by some of GGA’s most successful students.

Step 1: Sign up for newsletters and instructional information.
Step 2: Visit the Graves Golf Academy Chat Room
Step 3: The Graves Golf Academy Video: Single Plane Solution – The “core” GGA Instruction
Step 4: Hands-on Golf Instruction at a GGA School /
Step 5: The Seven Principles of Golf Improvement – Advanced GGA Learning
Step 6: The Five Day Build Your Game Camp
Step 7: Continuing Education and Golf Instruction
Step 8: Coaching Program

To discuss your own personalized Path, call our Customer Relations Director, Coaching toll free (inside the U.S.) at (866)377-2316.