The Moe Norman Address and Impact

If you compare address to impact, you can once again see the single plane.

This is the single plane that we Graves Golf refer to.  From address to impact, Moe Norman’s biomechanicallly ideal address position allowed him to return the club to impact on the same club shaft plane.

This simple genius allowed was why Moe Norman was able to become the greatest ball striker to ever play the game.

Moe Norman Golf Swing Address and Impact Planes

Here are the great benefits of the single plane golf swing of Moe Norman.

  • Easier on back and body
  • Because of this simplicity, the swing is more repeatable
  • Less stress on back
  • Less movement of lower body (eliminates backward and upward movement)
  • Less movement results in more consistency
  • Fewer moving parts means less frustration

The single plane golf swing is the easiest way to swing a golf club with the human body.  It is a common sense approach to playing golf and it took Moe Norman, a little known Canadian Professional to intuitively discover the secret.

Moe Norman at Impact –  Face on View

 Moe Norman at impact demonstrates perfect stability where the club has returned to the address plane.

Moe Norman Golf Swing Impact Positions Key Points

Moe Norman at Impact – Down the Line

Moe Norman Golf Swing Impact Key Positions
The single plane through impact shows how due to the proper spine / shaft relationship at address, the club can return to the plane at impact.  In doing so, the feet can remain flat on the ground due to the room established between the arms and the body at address.
Moe Norman Golf Swing Trail Arm Bent at Impact