Single Plane Release

From Impact the club moves through what we call the released position.  The release is where the trail arm straightens and both arms are extended directly after impact.  You can clearly see that once the trail arm has fully straightened, that the club-face moves back toward the swing plane (through swing).  The club face movement is a rotation due to arm and hand movement not a conscious rotation of the arms where the movement of the club face is a result of a proper grip and ideal hand and arm movement.

Here are a few post impact photos demonstrating the release of the club face.

The single plane extension shows how both feet can remain on the ground as the trail arm extends through impact as the lead arm folds.

Moe Norman Golf Swing

Moe Norman Golf Swing
The single plane extension shows how the lead knee flexes, taking pressure off of the spine to maintain the spine position.  The trail shoulder moves as Moe said “underneath” in an underhanded motion.

Single Plane Release – Post Impact

The trail shoulder is moving on a parallel plane as the club shaft.The post impact release shows how correct club movement on plane can release on plane also.

Moe Norman Golf Swing