Moe Norman was a Genius

I first heard of Moe Norman in 1983 while attending the San Diego Golf Academy.  Two of my friends were from Canada and played a little on the Canadian Tour.  I think their favorite pastime was telling me stories of Moe Norman and they had plenty.  I was not familiar with the mannerisms they described when talking of Moe and I did not think the golf shots I heard of were probable. One thing was very obvious, the pride they felt in their fellow countryman Moe Norman, he was clearly a hero in their eyes.

Years later I began to hear of Moe in various articles or other media and all of the stories my friends had told me became instantly real.  I began to research Moe and discovered the mannerisms were partially due to his autism.  Interestingly enough my wife has spent a lifetime researching Autism, ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia.  She is currently working with others to open a school for 1st through 8th using new and innovative teaching techniques that support their learning style.  Through this discovery I have been privileged to get just a small look into the minds of these talented picture thinkers and am constantly awed.

Moe Norman was autistic as well as a savant; his quirky behavior was in part a result of these disabilities.  What most folks do not know is that along with the quirky behavior caused by these so called learning disabilities come incredible abilities. The ability of imagination, focus, concentration, feel, insight, and often athletic ability are just some of those abilities.  Moe Norman was blessed with many incredible abilities and in his words and actions are lessons for us all whether we play golf or search for insight and wisdom in our daily lives.  I give so much credit to the Graves Golf Academy for sharing the thoughts, life and swing of Moe Norman because in my opinion within it is golfing perfection.  In time I believe the world will realize that behind the quirky behavior of many of our incredible picture thinkers is a gift for the taking if we have the courage to discover it.

Edward L. Bezanson
PGA Professional
Canyon River Golf Club