Address Position

The single plane address position of Moe Norman is the foundation to moving the club correctly on what we consider the single plane.Many golf instruction companies today talk about swing plane. The Graves Golf Academy consider other factors that determine swing plane.  Most specifically, we consider the body as a machine designed to strike a golf ball with a tool, the golf club.

This “Machine and Tool” analogy represent and answer the question to why Moe Norman was the greatest ball striker to ever play the game.  Moe Norman, through his intuitiveness, hard work and passion, discovered the best way to strike a ball at a target.  Moe intuitively answered the question:

“What is the best way, using the body as a machine, to strike a ball on the ground with a golf club”

The Single Plane, as defined by the Graves Golf Academy is simply the plane that the club will return to impact.  This “impact plane” is the design of the golf club.  It is matching the club to the anatomy of the human body that is the secret to how you can build a sound, repeatable, powerful swing of ease – biomechanical efficiencyIt is the biomechanical matching of the club to the body that creates the perfect union of golf club to anatomy, (machine and tool)- forming the true single plane.

Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing Key Address Positions

The Single Plane Golf Swing

Moe Norman’s club shaft position at address mirrored the club shaft position at impact. We call this the “single plane” . If there is a secret to Moe’s golf swing, this is it. Yet, as much of a secret as it may seem, it actually is perfectly logical. Moe established the “single plane” based on perfect club design. In other words, the club at address and impact are exactly the way the club is designed.

 The secret, if there is one, is how Moe swung the golf club -the club mechanics- in the most efficient way possible to return the club back to impact. It is how Moe established this ideal “single plane” that demonstrates his genius.

Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing Address Positon Key Points