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Moe Norman Story on ESPN   About Moe Norman Moe Norman was a Canadian legend and a man revered by golf professionals all over the world as one of the greatest ball-strikers in the history of golf, and certainly one … Continue reading

Address Position

The single plane address position of Moe Norman is the foundation to moving the club correctly on what we consider the single plane.Many golf instruction companies today talk about swing plane. The Graves Golf Academy consider other factors that determine … Continue reading

Moe Norman Spine Movement

One of the most important understandings in the Moe Norman Single Plane Golf swing is the how Moe’s spine works in the downswing.  Why is this so important?  Because the shoulders and arms move in direct relationship to how the … Continue reading

Moe Norman was a Genius

I first heard of Moe Norman in 1983 while attending the San Diego Golf Academy.  Two of my friends were from Canada and played a little on the Canadian Tour.  I think their favorite pastime was telling me stories of … Continue reading

Moe’s Grip

Overlapping Grip 1940 – 1994 There is much controversy on the ideal way to place the hands on the handle yet there is little debate on the fact that correct club movement is a bi-product of a proper hold / … Continue reading

Moe’s Swing Thoughts

The Feeling of Greatness™ of Moe Norman by Todd Graves With years of conventional golf instruction in my background, when I met Moe, during the many hours I spent with him hitting golf balls, I found myself asking him technical … Continue reading

Single Plane Finish

Face on View The Moe Norman Single Plane finish position is a perfectly released golf club on plane.  The weight moves completely to the lead foot. The Single Plane Finish Position Down the Line View

Single Plane Release

From Impact the club moves through what we call the released position.  The release is where the trail arm straightens and both arms are extended directly after impact.  You can clearly see that once the trail arm has fully straightened, … Continue reading

The Backswing

In the beginning the arms are correctly positioned and straight, the handle is in the correct alignment to his body and both hands begin the takeaway.  The forearms, upper arms, and shoulders move together.  Moe’s club-behind-the-ball address position is encouraging … Continue reading

The Downswing Move – Lower Body

Many people, who have been swinging like Moe Norman – have been commenting on our recent webinar regarding the sequence of the downswing.  Some have found this information to be extremely valuable as this movement relates to the initiation and … Continue reading

The Moe Norman Address and Impact

If you compare address to impact, you can once again see the single plane. This is the single plane that we Graves Golf refer to.  From address to impact, Moe Norman’s biomechanicallly ideal address position allowed him to return the … Continue reading

The Path To Great Golf

The GGA Path To Great Golf Moe Norman called his golf swing “the feeling of greatness™”. His description accurately describes his experience and the result of all of the years of hard work that resulted in the greatest golf swing … Continue reading

The Single Plane Golf Swing of Moe Norman

Idiosyncratic or Perfection? From “Moe and Me” by Todd Graves “I did it my way.” – Moe Norman I am still learning from Moe. Every time I watch his golf swing on the hours of footage I have collected, I … Continue reading

The Single Plane vs. Traditional

There are numerous Traditional ball striking methods.  Simply watch the PGA Tour and you will see hundreds of professional golfers playing the game with many styles and techniques.Moe Norman and the Graves Golf Academy recognize that playing the game of … Continue reading

What Made MOE Great?

The Single Plane Golf Swing of Moe Norman Idiosyncratic or Perfection? From “Moe and Me” by Todd Graves “I did it my way.” – Moe Norman I am still learning from Moe Norman. Every time I watch his golf swing … Continue reading