Moe Norman and Autism – Glad I Didn’t Know.

Last night I stumbled across a program while flipping through the television. The program featured two sisters who were truly amazing and of course very special. They were diagnosed as autistic.

Similar to the sisters, Moe had an incredible ability with numbers and memorizing moments in time. Moe could remember the yardage of every golf hole he played, his score and the times he played the holes in tournaments. The program about the sisters brought back memories about Moe as he displayed some of the same autistic tendencies however, I am glad I did not look at Moe as autistic.

All of us are unique. We all have strengths, habits, weaknesses, abilities and disabilities. These things make us unique as individuals and Moe were surely a unique individual. I never looked at Moe as disabled. I always looked at Moe’s strengths and uniqueness and I appreciated him for them.

There is a lesson here as we all have people in our lives that stand out and maybe do not hear the same music that we are hearing. We must appreciate these people for who they are and their uniqueness.  As a matter of fact, we can learn from these people. How do you think Moe became the great ball-striker? Was it because of his autism or because he used his uniqueness to develop a skill.

As an instructor teaching people to hit a golf ball like Moe, I find the main reason that people do not achieve their own greatness is that they are unwilling to put in the time and effort necessary. When I see great students they all have one thing in common, a willingness to do what it takes. Moe, and his uniqueness drove him to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve greatness.

It comes down to this: how badly to you want what you want?

When it comes to Moe, he might have been autistic, but I’m glad I didn’t know.