Nothing excites me more than analyzing the golf swing with the amazing technology available today. I recently worked with the studios in Orlando Florida to capture the motion of the Single Plane swing in 3D. I am using this analysis to study the simplicity of the motion and teach people how to make golf easier on their backs and body.

Here are a few of my favorite pics:

MOCAP Pos 2 FO Small copy

Top of Backswing

Release of Single Plane Swing

Release of Single Plane Swing

Motion capture analysis is 3 Dimensional whereby the suit I am wearing has various markers placed in triangular planes around the body. Cameras around the room (all dimensions) capture the movement of the points as they move through space. By studying the movement of the plane you can see the movement of the area of the body as it relates to other parts of the body. Amazing Stuff!

The next step is two put skin and bones onto the 3D model. Once the model is animated, we will be able to go inside the body with a camera to see how everything is working. Stay Tuned!