I didn’t pick up golf until late in my teens, and then it was primarily a side hobby with guys on the football team to have something to do in the off season. I really didn’t take the game too seriously, but unknowingly at that time, I was hooked. Although I really enjoyed the game, I stopped playing for several years through college and a stint in the U.S. Army.

Fast forward to 2000, and my lovely bride came to me one day and told me that I needed a hobby. It was her diplomatic way of saying she wanted me to get out of the house. So, I ran right out and purchased some new clubs, and like any amateur golfer, ran right out the range and starting hitting drivers. I had a group of buddies I played with a couple times a week, and to be frank, I was just awful. My average score was 105 for 18 holes, and I often considered a round to be a success if I made it off the 18th hole with golf balls still in the bag and all of my clubs still intact. My club throwing prowess was legendary in my playing group.

Now, fully engaging my new addiction, I watched the Golf Channel religiously, subscribed to the golf magazines, and went to the range to work on my swing 3-4 times per week. But I never got any better. I still sucked, and bad.

Then I saw a late night infomercial on the Golf Channel talking about this thing called Natural Golf, and this Single Plane swing of this weird Canadian guy named Moe Norman. I can honestly say I must have watched the infomercial 80 times. The ideal presented of a Single Plane swing made so much sense to me, and Moe wasn’t what a “typical” great golfer looked like in the infomercial, and so after the 80th time watching, I purchased the Natural Golf “Lifetime of Better Golf” package. I had found my answer! The Natural Golf swing.

After implementing the fundamentals, my ball striking improved right away. I could keep the ball in play more, I was enjoying the game. But there was just one problem, and it was a big one – I lost a ton of distance. I couldn’t hit the ball out of my shadow! And my ego didn’t handle that too well.

So I referred back to the videos from Natural Golf, and in them was young man wearing a red shirt name Todd Graves that was swinging like Moe, and his swing looked pretty good. He looked just like Moe, so I sought him out for instruction.

I went to a school with Todd and Tim in 2003, and that day my life changed. I not only understood the swing more, I understood Moe more, and started modeling Moe that very day. Within a few months, I broke 90 for the very first time, carding and 87 at a course I wasn’t familiar with. To this day, I still have that scorecard framed on my office wall.

I came on board with Todd and Tim in 2004 to help with Customer Service and marketing, and they decided they wanted me to teach as well. So I began to teach, and now 10+ years into it, I have progressed from a guy who couldn’t break 100 to a Master Instructor. Along the way I’ve learned more from our students that I believe I’ve taught them, and somewhere along the way established a handicap that hovers around 7, even with as little as I get to enjoy the game currently.

Growing up, I would have given someone a boatload of money if they told me I was going to end up as a golf teaching professional, but here I am today, thankful and blessed to pass what I’ve learned on to other golfers who are in the same boat I was in all those years ago.