Graves Golfer Loses 104 pounds… 

57 Pounds in the first 11 Weeks?


Dear Fellow Golfer,

I just happen to know the GOLF’S Top Food and Weight Loss Guru
and have arranged something Very Special for you. 

You’ve probably seen him on the Golf Channel or heard him on PGA Tour Radio.
His name is Larry Jacobs, and he’s the Go To Weight Loss Guy for PGA and LPGA
Tour Players, as well as Pros and Amateur Golfers in 32 countries.

And he’s done just that with Amateur Graves golfer Mike Speed. 
Mike started on Larry’s Weight Loss for Golfers program…
and lost 57 pounds in his first 11 weeks and he’s now down 104 pounds.
(I’ve seen him with my own eyes and he looks amazing) Way to Go Mike!

(Mike got started during the holidays which is usually a time we all GAIN Weight.
(if that tells you something about how good Larry’s program is)

Larry is also MY Secret Weapon for Weight Loss…
He got me out of the Fat Trap and back into great shape,
and I know he can do the same for you.

I give Larry and his program my Highest Recommendation
…and have been doing so for years.

Larry helped NBC Golf Announcer Roger Maltbie lose 30 pounds in 2 months
AND Roger’s success with Larry’s Weight Loss and Fat Burning Program was written
up in a full page article in Golf DigestRoger is now down over 60 pounds and has
praised Larry’s Program on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive and Feherty Shows.

You can hear Roger’s thoughts on this right now,
as his voice welcomes you to Larry’s

Larry’s upcoming Weight Loss for Golfers Tele-Seminar Series starts Wednesday June 27th
and is filling up fast, so NOW is a good time to check it out.  You can check it out HERE
Larry’s Thin Golfer Tele-Seminars always SELL OUT and this one will to.

7 out of 10 of us Golfers are overweight and out of shape. 
It’s not only bad for your health it’s bad for your game too.
Larry is now sharing his Simple Secrets with you.

Larry’s simple promise is, that he can take YOU from being a Fat STORER
to a Fat BURNER in 2 weeks or Less, without Dieting, Counting Calories,
or Starving…Guaranteed.  (That’s right he offers a Money Back Guarantee)

And he’s fulfilled that promise with thousands of golfers in 32 countries.
Including Mike Speed, Roger Maltbie, Dottie Pepper and ME (Todd Graves).
(not to mention hundreds of Graves Golfers)

Mike Speed said, “I am so glad that I signed up with Larry.
After I  lost 57 pounds and I am feeling very good. I receive a
lot of compliments from my family and people at work. I recently
completed a physical with my doctor and received very good news
with all of my counts.”
At 80 pounds my doctor bought me a bottle of Scotch.
After 100 pounds my Doctor took me off some meds and called me an inspiration.
I can’t wait for Todd to see me at the next GGA School.”
~Mike Speed

-LPGA Superstar and NBC Golf Announcer Dottie Pepper
shrunk 2 sizes in 6 weeks.

-Retired Surgeon Dr. Warren Gewant lost 27 pounds in 2 months 
& cut his Blood Pressures Medicine in half
 and he told Matt Adams on
PGA Tour Radio he looked forward to cutting out the other half soon.

-Graves Golfer Don Madl lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks and his cholesterol
fell well within normal levels and his doctor took him off Lipitor.

Don went from an 18 handicap to an 11 and a 36 waist to a 32 waist in
6 weeks (from 200 pounds to 175) He is now in the best shape of his life.
Don was interviewed on this very subject just last week on PGA Tour Radio.

-Thousands of Out-of-Shape Golfers in 32 countries have Lost Weight, 

Burned up Belly Fat, and gotten Back into Great Shape while getting plenty
to eat on Larry’s program. (including me Todd Graves 🙂


In an effort to get you off to a good start…
I’ve asked Larry to offer a Free Weight Loss Podcast to all Graves Golfers.


Get Started by Listening to Larry’s Free Weight Loss Podcast



Here’s one of Larry’s Good Mindset Tips to get you off to a good start
with your Weight Loss GOALS and your ability to make a good swing.

Larry says a good tip for picking a Weight Loss Goal is this…

1. What size clothes are you currently wearing?
2. What size clothes would you like to be wearing?

Why size and not pounds?

Because Fat and Weight Loss Success is about getting smaller and getting fit,
going from a size 18+ to a 10 or from a 12 to a 6 (for a woman)
Or from a 50+ Waist to a 42 or a 44+ waist to a 38 or from a  39 waist to a 34 or 36 (for a  man)
Whatever your numbers are it’s all relative.

This is just 1 of the many tips you’ll learn in Larry’s Get out of the Fat Trap
Tele-Seminar Series that starts on Wed. June 27th.
I suggest you Get Registered at the Special 1/2 Price I’ve arranged and Expect Results!
I give Larry and his program my Highest Recommendation

So how would it really be for YOU to be quite a bit smaller, lighter,
more fit and energetic than you are today?

Think about it, if you could just comfortably fit into the size clothes you’d like to wear,
you felt better, and your doctor, family  and friends took notice…and you liked the way
you look in the mirror, wouldn’t that do it for you?

A wise man once told me an investment in your health is never an expense.
Get Started by Listening to Larry’s Free Weight Loss Podcast


Larry’s healthy Fat Burning and Weight Loss strategies along with some easy to do
sensible physical activity did it for me and I know he’ll do it for you too. He knocked
20 pounds off of me and most people didn’t even think I needed to lose any weight at
the time. But I did and you can too!

If you would like to lose those extra pounds, get healthier,
and get the best golf out of your body–Larry’s your man!
I give Larry Jacobs and his Weight Loss for Golfers
Tele-Seminar Program my highest recommendation!

I suggest you Lock up your spot at 1/2 Price and Expect Results!

Thin to Win, 



 P.S. Get started by listening to Larry’s Free Weight Loss Podcast