Limited Practice Time?

Last week, we held our annual Alumni 5 Day Camp at our facility at Eagle Creek Golf Course in Orlando, Fl.

Always a really fun week with many students who come back year after year to spend a week with us working on their games, improving their swings and short games and generally just having a lot of fun.

This year, I interviewed the group (dozen students) and asked them a few general golf questions.

Answers to one of the questions interested me quite a bit, in fact, it actually surprised me quite a bit…

I asked them how much they practiced?

Meaning, do they practice every day, every couple of days, once a week, etc… etc.


Majority said they practiced once or twice a week.

A couple said they practiced every day or at least every other day.

A couple said they never practiced/or basically very little to never. They just played golf.

My Thought:

To be honest, I was surprised. Yes, I know this is a small grouping of golfers, not a good “evaluation” of practice among all our students, but this group is one of our groups that plays a lot of golf, travels for golf and seem to be pretty serious about getting better (at least around us.)

And I definitely expected more practice time… maybe I’m a little “warped” after playing professional golf for a living (practicing up to 8 to 10 hours a day some days…) watching my high school and college golfers/students practice all the time, or maybe I just need a reality check as for the past 13 years I have spent 99% of my time around golf as a living…

So, ultimate reason I wrote this e-tip…

With the “reality check” that many golfers have VERY limited practice time, wanted to give a few suggestions to help improve your game:

  1. Spend your time at the course practicing the swing, short game, etc. and break the practice down to what is coming up…

In other words, if you have important rounds or scrambles, etc. coming up – give extra time to the short game practice.

If not, focus on the long game and some short game. Short game is the scoring part of the game. If you are not in need for “scoring” in the near future – give the limited time to long game practice. (Yes, all those out there that know me might think I have lost my mind saying this, but again, this is for all those with limited to very limited practice time.)

  1. Work on flexibility at home as much as possible.

Most have no idea how working on their flexibility will help their swing. Working a few minutes when possible on your flexibility on specific areas related to the golf swing is critical. You can see details at: CLICK HERE

  1. Indoor / evening / after work practice.

This might be the biggest area most golfers miss that can improve your swing/game dramatically. Work on areas of your swing at home, from the PVC drill, to the leverage bag drill, short training grip club/drill, etc. etc..

You can see some of the recommended practice aids and how to use them at:  CLICK HERE

Try to set time during commercials, etc. a few minutes in the evenings to work on drills. Most can find a few minutes most evening to work on indoor drills and these can dramatically improve your game.

  1. Be creative…

Had a student who told me about his “man cave” …. Yes, ladies, sure you could have a place like this too.

He said he had a room in his house with a big screen T.V., an exercise bike, tread mill, an indoor putting mat (with line painted on it for squaring putter face), a leverage bag, mirror, PVC, and short training grip club.

He told me he would go into his man cave and while watching a game on T.V. would practice different areas of his game. At times, he would put one of our videos on the T.V. and check to make sure he was “drilling” correct….


Hopefully a few suggestions that will help those that have very limited practice time…

Sure we will also be making more recommendations in upcoming blogs.

Please watch our webinars, read our e-tips and don’t hesitate to call or email us anytime.

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