Like Having Moe in My Pocket

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If don’t know about you but I love my peaceful mornings on the range.  I look forward to them.  They are a meditation. I find these sessions are so important that every Sunday when I plan my week, I make sure I put them on my schedule.

At my home club in Oklahoma, I even have a special “corner” of the range.  It’s my spot on the end of the practice tee where I like the visual angles to the targets.  It’s my place to get away from phone calls and distractions so I can be alone and focus on my swing.

Recently I was in my “place” having a fun practice session and I remembered a comment Moe made to me about practice.  He said that the swing is “Natural, with less moving parts.”

 I wanted to share with you my take on why Moe’s Single Plane Swing, The Single Plane Swing, is “Natural”.

If you are wondering what makes a great golf swing, it comes down to having proper path and face angle of the club as you swing through impact – what some call swing plane. What most golfers don’t understand is that swing plane occurs naturally.

The good news is that the club starts on an ideal plane, the way it is designed.   This is the ideal starting position that creates the ideal spacing from the body.

Todd Graves Single Plane Address

As you rotate and move your arms into the backswing, you notice that the club will move under the plane line but parallel to the original plane.

The Single Plane Backswing
The Single Plane Backswing

This is because during the backswing, the body has 50 degrees of rotation.  This is the natural movement of the arms relative to the body rotation.

The Single Plane Torso Rotation
The Single Plane Torso Rotation

Then as you swing down, the club returns to impact on the same plane you established at address.

The Single Plane Impact
The Single Plane Impact Plane

The club even matches the plane on the through swing.

The Single Plane Finish Plane
The Single Plane Finish Plane

He said, “No matter how good you are, you can always make it stronger”.   Moe has always been my inspiration and watching his swing always motivates me.   I learn every time  I watch him and I just can’t get enough.

That’s why, thanks to some recent additions to our delivery platform, finding a video of Moe is easier than ever.  My favorite videos of Moe are now on our latest platform, Graves Golf On-Demand.

I opened the Graves Golf On-Demand App (available in the App Store, Roku, and other platforms) and watched a video of Moe called Pipeline Moe in “The Moe Norman Archive” – my personal collection of Moe Norman videos.

Moe Norman Archive

Watching Moe’s Motion, and his purity of technique I found myself reinvigorated and motivated to hit 30 more drivers with the “vision” of Moe’s swing in my mind.  Having Moe in my pocket was a perfect motivation.

Graves Golf On-Demand might not change the world, but it certainly changed how quickly I can access information when I need it.  Inside the app, you will also find all of our Single Plane Training ranging from the basic Single Plane Solution to the more advanced Domino Effect.

To find out more about Graves Golf On-Demand and having Moe in Your pocket, click this link.

See you there!