Letting Others (GGA Alumni) Help You

I don’t know why – maybe because we asked for opinion’s on our new promo video (see above), but for some reason I received many emails this past week from our alumni telling us about their improvement and “what they have done” to get better….

Like I always say, I am not sure if there is any better “references” than to listen to those just like you.

“How did they do it?”

“What can I “copy” to get better like them” …

Before I list some of these emails, I want to restate: These GGA alumni are just like you… most work (have limited time for golf), most are between mid-40s and 70, most started at mid to high handicaps, all want to get better at this game.

Hopefully, reading these emails will help you think of ways you can improve and get better at this game as these alumni are. (I have bolded some points I think will help EVERYONE.)

Email #1 From: John Olson, MN

“Hi Tim, I finished second in our club championship both in low net and low gross – handicapping if some high handicap gets hot can really be a problem.

On very slick tucked greens – I shot a 79 (45 mph gusts) – 70 for a 149 total (par 144) to finish 2nd. The guy who won low gross is a +1 and beat me by 2 strokes.

Currently, I am playing at a 5 and shrinking. Funny thing is I only play 9 holes a week, but spend my time in my basement practicing tempo and positions – always practicing with a purpose.

What has been interesting for me to observe is how much emphasis needs to be on the PUTTING GAME at a higher level. Listen to this, for the week I was #1 in fairways and GIR – finished 2nd. My putting was only average and the guy who won was fantastic, despite finishing out of the top ten in every other category. Once the ball striking gets to a point and your short game gets better – it is all about putting. Interesting to me is that I think I need to get my putter fit as well. I noticed how many times I miss hit putts and it was scary. I think many overlook how important getting a putter fit is to your game – all my other equipment is, why not a putter as well.

I just wanted you guys to know in the 7 years I now have bought into your method – my handicap has gone down from a 22 to 5 and that is only because I get 1.5 hours a week to play. In my mind, I am a scratch golfer and I carry that confidence with me to the course. There was a point in time I couldn’t keep the ball in the next fairway, now I am upset when I am in the primary cut. For me to get to the next level – I will become a better putter.

Oh by the way (the even better news) – I also qualified for the MN Amateur, but sadly cannot play due to unexpected family stuff.

I get so many compliments on my swing and accuracy now – your approach has taken me to this level. Be sure to tell people how important mirrors and video are – it is the way to quick improvement. Oh, one more thing – tell people to stop listening to people on the range. If you don’t have a plan before you go to the range – don’t go! Your improvement plan must be your own – or it simply won’t work.

This winter I start a complete breakdown of my putting game and change the way I do business on the greens. If I want to excel in even harder tournaments – this needs to happen.

Thanks Todd and Tim for everything

Loyal student since 2000 John Olson


Email #2 From: G. Benore. MI:

“The new video is FABULOUS! Great marriage of music and the written word. I thought the graphics were way more powerful than the usually spoken word by a narrator.

Btw – my swing is coming around. Finally learning to come down from the inside. Been really concentrating on basics (mostly grip, set up and the first couple feet of backswing.) Much more distance and very straight. I was playing with my buddy and his daughter a couple of weeks ago (she’s a captain in the Coast Guard) and I finally missed a fairway about hole 14. She laughed and told me she was starting to think I made a deal with the devil.

A free information CD is a great idea. As my swing has improved, people have been approaching me on the range and asking why my ball goes so straight. I’ve been carrying around a few business cards in my bag, and I write www.swinglikemoe.com on the back and give it to them, along with a spiel. I also sent a VERY much brainwashed NG’er to your Site, and his initial suspicion was completely overcome by your instruction, honesty, and sincerity. He told me that he thought NG was indeed a fine instruction school, until he saw your Site, which blew him away.

I finished “The art of learning” by Josh Waitzkin. Fabulous book. He speaks at length about building a trigger, finding ways to enter the zone naturally, how to deal with setbacks and mental challenges, etc. He’s the guy who was a world champ at chess when he was just 7 or 8 years old, (the movie “searching for Bobby Fischer” is about him, it’s a true story.) got burned out by competitive chess at 20, wandered into a Tai Chi class, and was a world Champ in the fighting form of Tai Chi in just 3 years!!! He realized that what he is good at it learning to do new things. He says that learning anything is the result of lots of small, repeated steps, and the zone is the zone, no matter the activity. He says the zone for chess, the zone for fighting tough guys, and the zone for writing a book are ALL THE SAME ZONE, AND THAT IT IS THE SAME FEELING FOR EACH! Great, great book, I think all of you guys would like it. It’s been on the best seller lists for a few weeks, I think. http://www.joshwaitzkin.com/

Take care, my friend, and keep up the good work.”

GB D. Gary Benore


Email #3 From: Bill Mulderig, NY

“Hi Tim and Todd,

This is Bill Mulderig about to be 72 years old. I attended your school in May at Conn. My game was a shambles 102 to 112 all spring.

Yesterday I scored 88 ; last week I beat the ex-club champion in a match to advance. My partners some aged 50 and younger are astounded at how far my drives have advanced.

I am having a ball. THANKS! I watch all your tapes and practice a lot with the club [GGA Training Grip Club]. I am shooting to break 80 this season, all I can say is you guys are truly terrific.

I tell all my freinds to contact you and in fact I recently gave your web site to a local PGA professional who coaches at Spring Valley High school in Rockland County NY.

I suggested he become a teacher of the Moe Norman discipline. I hope he contacts you (Sean K.) Anyway old geezers can learn new tricks!!

Thanks Bill


Email #4 From: Bill Salmon, OH

“Tim, Check out this month’s Golf Magazine, Feature article how your game can be improved with a 3/4 swing.

No mention of single plane. Two Ph.D.’s, figured this one out….

If this story can be featured in Golf magazine, The Moe/Graves story should also be a candidate to be featured. These genius’ s only have part of the story, it’s a poorly written 1/2 truth.

Bill Salmon

  1. Shot 74 yesterday, a personal best. After 2 1/2 years , it’s finally sinking in, I have my 9 plane swing down to one plane. Thank you, Graves Academy! Swinging at 80% and hitting it square is far more effective than swinging hard! Again the Troubles and Solutions, helped me turn the corner.”


Again, as I always say – you can definitely learn from those that have “walked in your shoes”…. I love hearing about all our alumnus’ improvement – I receive emails like these EVERY DAY. Keep them coming!!!

Hopefully, you will find information in these I copied above that will help you with your game…

Good Luck, Tim Remember – Always Practice with a Purpose

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