Are you confused by golf instruction?  Are you looking for a simple way to hit a golf ball?

Listen, I’ve been where you are now.  Confused, lost, frustrated and tempted to give up golf for some other sport that will actually be FUN to play.

That is exactly why many years ago I spent time just like you are now searching for a simple solution to playing this game.  I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and came close to giving up.  But I got lucky…and as you will soon see, so have you, right now…

Because 15 years ago I discovered Moe Norman…

There are quite literally thousands of conventional golf methods out there and each one of them is extremely confusing.   Watching tour players on TV hoping to catch a trick or two is just as confusing.

Why is this so hard?  I mean, all we are doing is swinging a metal stick at a stationary ball.

It was only when I broken down the mechanics of swinging a golf club that I discovered the secret.  And it was after watching this man that it suddenly became so clear.

There is no easier way than the Single Plane golf swing of Moe Norman.

Moe Norman Simplified golf by intuitively discovering a golf swing that returns the club to impact with the least amount of moving effort and the maximum amount of efficiency.

Look for yourself at Moe Norman’s swing and my golf swing.  From the DTL view, you see that the club starts, swings and impacts on the Single Plane.  Looking closely at these mechanics, you can see the bio-mechanically perfect body positions of the single plane swing as well as the perfect Single Plane club movement.

Moe Norman and Todd Graves down the lineMoe Norman and Todd Graves down the line at impact

From a face on view, you can see the efficiency of the body movement beginning with the simple straight line of the clubshaft and lead arm at address.  From there you can see the proficient movement of the shoulders and the leverage position at the top of the swing. The downswing returns the club and the straight-line lead arm and clubshaft once again at impact and the release shows a powerful extension through the golf ball.

Moe Norman and Todd Graves face-onMoe Norman and Todd Graves face-on at impact

Moe Norman’s golf swing simplified my golf swing and helped me become a better golfer.   Even more important, I can actually enjoy this game again.

So you have a choice.  Are you ready to have a game so consistent that you blow away your buddies on the course EVERY time you play?  Are you ready to be the best player you can be?

Golf really is a SIMPLE Game…When you have the right secret!

Let me help you learn the Single Plane Golf Swing of Moe Norman.    Let me show you how to have fun again on the golf course.

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