Frustrated With Your Golf Swing?


Golfers get frustrated for two main reasons:

  1. Bad Golf shots – You can’t hit the ball where you want it to go.
  2. You can’t figure out WHAT TO DO to correct the problem.

That’s certainly what MOST amateur golfers think – and so they try to put band-aids on the problem.   They go out and buy expensive clubs, they altered their stance or grip to “compensate” for bad technique.

Sound familiar?

If you are frustrated with your ability to hit a golf ball you should know the Single Plane Golf swing of Moe Norman.  Why?

Because of Bio-mechanics and Science!

It’s all about the Single Plane! To hit a golf ball well and more importantly – straight – you must return the club to swing plane at impact.  The better you impact, the better you hit a golf ball.  It’s that simple.

To return the club to impact, and eliminate that slice or hook, you must simplify swing plane.

Moe Norman’s bio-mechanically perfect golf swing removes unnecessary movement and is your answer to simplifying your golf swing and eliminating your frustration.

Click the video to watch the simple Single Plane Golf swing of Moe Norman.  You can see Moe from the  Down the line view,  by drawing a line on the club shaft at address, the club begins on plane swings on plane and impacts on the same line. Moe Norman Golf Swing

From a face on view, you can see that Moe has minimized major body rotations and moved the arms and hands into a leveraged speed producing position.

No more twisting and torque of the body, Moe’s Single Plane is the most efficient body position to produce natural speed and power with the least amount of unnecessary movement.

Here is the Single Plane Golf swing of me, Little Moe.  ATodd Graves Golf Swing at addresst address, I start the club on the same plane that I swing and impact.  From the face on view, I have eliminated the unnecessary movements of the body and learned to leverage the club for speed and power.  This golf swing here hit the golf ball 280 yards.  Todd Graves Golf Swing at impact


Isn’t it time you deserved to have fun playing golf? 

This, finally, is the ONE simple secret to never slicing or hooking or muffing a tee shot again the rest of your life…

I don’t care how many other lessons you’ve had in your never-ending journey to good golf.  THIS is the ONE swing that gets you smacking golf balls dead center in rich green Manicured fairways.

No more roughs and hazards!  Imagine the relief and joy that would bring!

To learn more about the perfectly simple Single Plane Golf Swing of Moe Norman, look at that box on the right, here on this page and enter your name and email address. 

I’ll immediately send you the steps you need to take to Frustration-Free Golf.

5 Steps to Perfect Golf Swing

5 thoughts to “Frustrated With Your Golf Swing?”

  1. Hello,I am looking for golf swing instruction using the Moe Normand method. I live in south Florida. Do you ave an affiliate in the area.
    Many thanks,
    Jean Maurice Laurin

  2. I also am looking for someone to teach me the Moe Normand method. Is there anyone in the state of Alabama or Mississippi that teaches Moe’s swing?

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