Do You Have Back Pain?


Thousands of golfers suffer from back pain.

Like them, have you been forced to quit playing golf because your swing brings you agony?

Well, I’ve got Amazing News.   You can keep playing golf – PAIN-FREE – and in the process discover how to hit Laser Straight Golf Drives at will.

Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf swing is the answer to alleviating back pain and a safer way to play.

Here’s why.

You’ve probably been taught by Conventional golf methods to lower your hands position at address where the shaft points through the pelvis area.   Because of this address position your standing too close to the golf ball.  So when you swing, the club moves into a plane that aligns with the middle of the back, higher than the original address position you started at.

The movement from the lower pelvis plane to the upper spine shaft plane causes a twisting of the lower spine.   This causes a painful stress in the lower back.

If you draw a line on the spine, you can see that in order for the body to compensate for a low hands / close to the ball position at address, the spine must move painfully upward and backward and even curve during impact.

The Solution: Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf Swing

Moe Norman intuitively found a solution to this back problem by establishing the spine and shaft plane at address; we call these alignments the spine-shaft intersect.  The correct spine-shaft intersect creates the perfect amount of distance from the golf ball thus eliminating stress during the golf swing.

Moe Norman spine shaft intersectBy drawing a line on the shaft, you can see that from address to impact, Moe Norman addressed and impacted on the same plane. This address / impact same plane position reduces stress on the back.

As you can see by drawing a line on the spine it remains in the exact same position from start to impact showing stress movement of the spine thus eliminating stress and compression on the lower back.

Moe Norman intuitively found the solution to your back pain.

Moe's spine swing sequence

Listen up.  You can start launching laser straight, heart stopping drives without any pain!   What’s more…

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re too short, too tall or too out of shape…
  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve got arthritis, a bad back or a bum knee…
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, or have been struggling at golf for decades…
  • And… it doesn’t matter if you don’t think enjoying golf can be this easy…

The ONLY thing that matters… is your desire to start hitting the longest and most accurate tee shots of your life.

You bring the desire.   We’ll provide the simple, pain free swing and your golfing life will change forever.

So, I know what your thinking, “What is the First Step?”

Just to the right is a box.  Enter your name and email address and we will send you a short instructional course on what steps you need to do RIGHT NOW, to start playing better, hitting straighter and enjoying golf without pain.

5 Steps to Perfect Golf Swing

27 thoughts to “Do You Have Back Pain?”

  1. would like to groove my swing. used to hit a fairly long ball and always straight. now because of my age ,86, they don’t go long but still go straight
    Thank uou

    1. Mark,

      Here are three things you can do to help back pain.
      1) Adopt the Single Plane Swing – make sure you do it correctly with lead knee flexed through impact.
      2) Improve your strength and flexibility – to support your back
      3) Use braces and support – for stability.

      I think these things can get you back to golf.


      1. I hear you. I’ve had eight back and. Neck surgeries. Problem with this single plane swing is the example set. By Moe Norman. He has huge legs with which to strike the ball. He’s a unique person and I’m not sure this swing will work for the average person. That said, I’d like to give it a shot. I assume you would have to buy his clubs with the extra long shafts.

        1. Ralph,

          The example set by Moe wasn’t about his leg size, it was/is about the simplicity of the motion. The legs don’t strike the golf ball, the club head does. How does one reach a position in which the club head strikes the ball in the exact same way every time? Well, that is what Moe figured out. Moe figured out the easiest way to return the club to impact with the least amount of stress, movement, and rotations. This is something that everyone can learn. We also will fit you to the proper equipment needed for your Single Plane Swing with measurements such as swing speed, hand size, height, wrist to floor, etc. Moe didn’t always use clubs that fit him so he would grip down and adjust the ball position to get the proper launch on the golf ball.


  2. Would like to receive the initial instructions for keeping stress off lower back during golf swing. I have SI joint pain, made worse with my current swing. Thanks, Larry Mazzotta

    1. Larry,

      THis swing will take stress off of your back simply because there is less movement of the spine.


  3. I have a bad back just below my shoulder blades I find I have to bend my back right around during my follow through in order to keep my head from not moving forward after ball contact . It puts enormous stress on my back! hope you can help please !

  4. I am 75 years old. Up until a couple of years ago, had an 18 handicap. Developed lumbar spinal stenosis and have a bad right knee. The knee problem is arthritis in left side of right knee. Will the Moe Norman swing help me?

  5. Tom,

    The single plane swing will definitely be a good choice for you because there is no compression of the spine. Hopefully we can see you at a school in the future or possibly become a member of our coaching program so that we can help you through this process.

    Here is the link for the coaching program if you are interested:


  6. have had 4 spine fusion operations but have regained more mobility through intense rehab gym discipline. Would love to learn how to play.

    1. Steve,

      Great to hear that you have gained more mobility through being disciplined and working through your rehab! We would love to work with you as well at one of our schools and make it simple and easy for you to learn the game and play it and most of all, have fun! Here is a link to our school calendar:


    1. Dale,

      I will send you a personal email along with this. Since you already have the Single Plane Solution DVD, your next step would be to get the Drills DVD, alignment and ball position trainer, and training club to get started. This will allow you to follow along with the Drills in the video and begin to train and learn the movement. Once you feel comfortable with the material and are committed to the process, I would look into getting involved with our Coaching Program or coming to one of our Schools for visual or hands-on training. This is where real progress is made. We have 1, 2, 3, and 5 Day Schools all over the country.


  7. Have you encountered golfers who aside from lumbar back issues, have Thoracic (mid back) and cervical (neck) back issues.? I have had lamanectomy’s at L4 and L5 and C3 to C7 areas. However my main problem which is causing me to consider giving up game of is in the T6 area.
    I have been diagnosed through MRI with tethered spinal cord and a conventional golf swing creates too much twisting and turning, thus swelling and spasms in the Thorasic area. Thinking about getting out the fishing poll but might give Single plane a shot first.

    1. Carl,

      Yes, we have seen every type of back issue you can imagine. Everything from the neck to the lower back and pelvic region. The way we simplify the golf swing is by the address position. Once we get you in a proper address position, the entire motion can be simplified with much less rotation than what you would find in any conventional swing.

      We highly suggest coming to a golf school as soon as you can or get involved with our Coaching Program to where we can guide you through the process of improvement. The best way for us to help is by seeing you in person or through video so that we can make sure you are performing the movements properly.

      Premier School Calendar:
      1 Day Basic Schools:

      Give me a call with any questions at (405) 816-8381


  8. Looking forward to giving this my full effort….currently working on stretching exercises to increase movement capabilities of my back. Plan to begin in earnest in three weeks…

    1. Robert,

      Great to hear and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!

      Have a great day!


    1. Hey Bob!

      Chances are you are applying too much pressure down on the grip. In the lead hand, make sure the pressure is in the bottom 3 fingers pulling up into the heal pad (pinky to middle finger) – no pressure on the lead hand thumb or index finger. The trail hand will come in at a 45 degree angle and the pressure will be in between the pinch of the thumb and index finger.

      Give us a call at (405) 250-6960 to get more details on how we can help!

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