I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Todd for over 9 years now, and during those 9 years, I’ve come to know many of your reading this pretty well.

On occasion, Todd and I will get into a philosophical discussion about our business of teaching, about how we as adults can still learn anything we want them to, and about the roadblocks we often face when teaching a golfer in person at one of our schools.

Many times I’ve asked Todd if there was one thing he wished he could have done with Moe before he passed, and his answer surprised me, “I would have paid anything to feel Moe’s swing, as Moe felt it, just ONE TIME.” He continued,” I guess what I’m saying is the perfect experience for me would have been to be inside Moe’s body for just one swing.”

That may sound somewhat strange to you, but think about that for a bit. You’ve seen Moe’s swing, you’ve marveled at his results, been entertained by all the stories you’ve read about Moe, but how much more would you be able to appreciate Moe’s genius if you could feel his swing, exactly as he felt it? Even if it was

Just One Time?

It is for this very reason that we teach our golf schools. I mean, let’s be frank with one another here; we have an outstanding line of instructional videos & training aids that is the main part of our business, and golfers love them. I love them too, they are great tools to have. I still use them myself. But when it comes to loading up all our equipment and heading out on the road to teach a golf school, well, that is hard work. It’s hard being away from our homes, our families, our community. If you travel at all for business, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So why does it month after month and year after year?

Because when you are with us in person, at a school, we can help you discover the feelings of your perfect Single Plane Swing. That is our mission for every student we have the pleasure of meeting. We know, without a doubt, that if we can help you develop the feelings that produce the ideal mechanics for your perfect Single Plane Swing, your perfect putting stroke, then you will leave that experience not only with knowledge of what you need to do to perfect your game, but more importantly, how it feels to reach your ‘perfection’.

This is why we can say with full confidence that our instruction works 100% of the time. It never fails. When we do see the swing “not working” for someone, it’s very simply and bluntly because they are not doing it correctly.

If you want to step inside Moe’s swing, and feel what your perfect Single Plane Swing feels like, then join us at one of our school programs. From the 1-day Single Plane Experience schools to the 5 day Build Your Game Camps, every program is designed with one main mission, and that is to help you develop your perfection.

You can see our current calendar on this page of the website – http://moenormangolf.com/schools/school-calendar/ .

If you have questions about one of the schools, I’m here to help.  You can email me anytime at scottr@moenormangolf.com