It’s The Mental Game…

In 1992 a relatively obscure Governor from Arkansas was elected president of the United States, in part because of a laser-like strategy to focus on the one thing: the economy. Bill Clinton’s campaign director James Carville believed that there was ONE factor more than any other that would make the most significant difference in the race if adequately focused on. So he created this phrase to focus his campaign staff on what he thought was a winning issue:

It’s The Economy Stupid.

And the rest was history.

The game we play and love called golf has many elements to it. And while it’s super-fun to focus on developing the skills to hit the ball better – to drive, hit irons, chip, and putt better, there is one thing I notice that – all things being equal – can make a HUGE difference in your game today if you knew how to focus on it.

So, as I co-opt a famous phrase from history, I want you to consider this:

It’s the Mental Game, Stupid.

(Full disclosure: my wife Paula warned me that I risked insulting my readers if I used this phrase. I told her that I thought every Single Plane Swing golfer I know, would understand exactly how true this statement is!)

Developing a productive mindset for playing and experiencing all that your golf round throws at you can make a significant difference in:

  • Your ability to stay resilient in the face of challenge.
  • Your capacity to tap into your playful best – no matter the stakes
  • How you experience and enjoy the game you spend so much time on.
  • The very scores you post.
  • …and so much more.

The problem is that it’s hard to learn these skills. For the most part, we are left to figure out the mental game on our own through trial and error. ( And for some, mostly fault!)

Until now.

During our “Alert Attitude of Indifference School”  we focus on the mental game through live competitive game situations and discussions. You will experience a new awareness of the shifts that happen to you when playing golf. And you will develop new strategies that help you stay in your most productive mindset.

You will also learn critical leading-edge concepts from the athletic performance arena like:

  •    Awareness, Acceptance, and Resilience
  •    The special four-minute check-in you can do before a round to tune-into your Performance Energy and increase awareness.
  •    The ONE thing is standing in your way.
  •    How to play from a Mastery Orientation (…and why that can improve your game)
  •    Preparing and using a Mastery Game Plan
  •    What it means to bring a sense of play to your Game
  •    The surprising feeling you can cultivate to impact your scores dramatically.
  •    How to create your Unique Success Formula

Why consider investing in your game this way?

When I speak with others casually about the mental game work I do with my clients, I almost always get lots of nodding and approval about the idea that we can ALL benefit by a little more focus in this area.

But if you want to see an example of a person who experienced first-hand what it was like to A) work on himself and his mental game and B) see incredible results in his golf game ( and life)…look no farther than our very own Master Instructor Chandler Rusk.

Chandler and I began working together in 2015 at a time when he was struggling after leaving a very successful college golf career…and was starting his career at Graves Golf Academy. Here are his own words about what he experienced:

Before I began working with Paul, I had a difficult time PLAYING the game and having FUN. At the College and Professional level, it is easy to get caught up in statistics, technique, perfection, etc. The score that I shot on any given day would affect how I felt about everything in life. If I played well, I was happy. If I played bad, I was frustrated. Even if I played decently at times, I still would not be satisfied with it. At times, I felt like giving up the game.

Then I met Paul 3 years ago while I was teaching a 3 Day School in Chicago (Paul was one of the students). After getting to know Paul and what he does, I began working with him. I quickly learned that my thoughts were affecting how I felt and how I felt was changing how I performed. Paul taught me how to be aware of my thoughts and how to shift my thinking if it was unproductive. He also showed me the difference between Result Orientation and Mastery Orientation and to play at your best: Mastery Orientation is needed. Most importantly, I learned that there are only two outcomes that can come from a round of golf: you can WIN, or you can LEARN, you can NEVER lose.

The fantastic part about what Paul does is it’s not just about the mental game of Golf. It is about the mental game of Life.

Chandler stepped up and did the work to make the improvements to his golf game…and to how he approaches everything in his life. (Next time you see Chandler, ask him about the results he has seen on the golf course since he enhanced his mental game…it will blow you away!)

But you don’t have to be a collegiate super-star to see great results from just a little focus on the mental game. Teddi Davis, who attended the 5-Day Alumni Camp in Orlando in April has seen remarkable changes in her golf since beginning her work on the mental game.

In just a short couple months, Teddi’s confidence has grown, and her scores have dropped. She has gained a heightened awareness of her mental and emotional dynamics while on the course and is learning how to tap into her highest potential no matter the stakes. And more than anything, she is having more fun.

Building your skills in this arena works. Period.

Watch for new “Alert Attitude of Indifference” Schools coming early this summer. 

Paul Monahan, PCC is a Peak-Performance coach, member of the International Coach Federation and a certified COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist. He resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Paula and is the proud dad to three young men. He works with elite-level performers and leaders, helping them to expand their awareness so that they perform at their best more consistently.

He can be reached at

2 thoughts to “It’s The Mental Game…”

  1. Unfortunately I live in Australia. Can you advise if there is a way to receive this type of training on-line. I have tried on-line mental coaching and found after a couple of weeks without re-enforcement my confidence to continue lapsed. It was also hard to stay focused without being able to discuss my own experiences. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hey Mark!

      There may be a way for us to make this work with Paul Monahan. We do plan to produce webinars and online material with Paul and he also works personally with our students. I’ll have him reach out to you!

      Have a great day, Chandler.

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