One of the highlights of the schools for myself and our staff is having lunch with our students, meeting them and sharing stories with them.

During one of the lunches at a past school, I was sitting with the students and a couple of them brought up an interesting topic.

One of the students said, When I was getting ready for the school I was sure you’d find a major flaw in my swing, but you didn’t. Instead you found a lot of “little things” I need to work on.

As he said this, the student sitting next to him, shook his head in agreement and said, I have seen the same thing. He said he had pictured the “entire swing” rather than the “little things” that have such a big effect.

Thought this would be a good topic for this month’s e-tip.

Let’s talk about a few of “The Little Things” that many overlook.

1.  Face Angle.

Having a square face to the target at set up is CRITICAL. This is something you need to check every time you practice. In fact, I check every shot I hit during practice. It is relatively simple using the Alignment and Ball Position trainer with a yard stick.

Most students we see error having an open club face. With an open club face, you will hit the ball right with a “glancing blow”. To make up for this, most will not square the face at set up (since they don’t know they have a problem), but rather pull their lead shoulder out causing an outside to in (across the ball) path to try and square the face.

In other words, a “little thing” – not squaring the face at impact can cause a BIG problem – an outside to in path.

We have designed a training tool to make sure your face is square at set up – you can see our Alignment and Ball Position trainer at:  CLICK HERE

(Video of how to use trainer and pictures on bottom of page showing how to check for square club face.)

2.  Distance to the Ball

Having the proper distance to the ball is CRITICAL for a proper swing. It allows for the proper spine tilt at set up which allows for the proper movement of the club on the single plane.

Too close to the ball will cause you to stand to upright, not allowing the club to swing “under you”, but rather “around you”.

In other words, too close to the ball will cause you to come across the shot (or outside to in) and for many a “too steep” swing.

The “little thing” – distance to the ball – easy to check, can check often… can cause a BIG problem – improper spine tilt, which doesn’t allow the club to run through the pivot point throughout the swing. Inconsistent results and typically an outside to in path.

Again – Distance to the ball is checked with the Alignment and Ball Position Trainer. (See Above).

3.  Stance Width

Having proper stance width is CRITICAL for a good balanced swing. It allows for balance and speed production. Without these balance golfers have difficulty getting the club in proper positions in the swing. Many times causing a “reverse pivot”, “early release/casting” in the golf swing, etc.

The “little thing” – stance width (too narrow a stance) can cause BIG problems leading to loss of balance, loss of distance, reverse pivot, etc.

Stance Width check – you guessed it – the Alignment and Ball Position Trainer. (See Above).

Would recommend taking some advice from your fellow student(s) – look at the “little things” …

Typically fixing the “little things” will affect and fix what most consider the BIG issues of the golf swing – or at least give you a better chance to fix those issues.