It’s Not about the PGA Tour…It’s about You.

If you want me to walk away from a conversation, start the discussion by asking me why you don’t see Moe Norman’s golf swing on the PGA Tour.  Why?  Because I don’t care if Moe’s swing on the PGA Tour.  Sure it would be great for business especially if a Single Plane Swing wins an event.  But the fact is that Moe Norman’s golf swing is much more than just another swing – and if you understand it, you also understand its benefits.  But before I go into why I believe that everyone, especially tour players would benefit from Moe’s swing, lets have a discussion that I usually only have with other, well seasoned, golf instructors and coaches.  This conversation usually starts with a comment like this.

“People don’t understand what it takes to improve at golf”.

I hear this comment from All instructors and coaches and they say this because of the difficulty of the game and the complexity of teaching the golf swing. Furthermore, if you really observe great golfers, it seems that every one of them is trying to do the same thing (play golf) but they all look different doing it.  In other words, if you want to learn by watching, who do you copy?   Also, learning any physical skill takes time and repetition and most people are not willing to invest in the time and effort necessary, especially if they are unsure of what to do when the y DO practice.

So lets review:

Golf is complicated,

Teaching golf is complicated

There isn’t a concrete model to follow

It takes the dedication of Time and Effort to improve

Based on these points, doesn’t it make sense to, in some way, find a model which simplifies the golf swing, instruction, and takes less time and effort to improve?  You see, the PGA Tour isn’t important.  Moe Norman’s golf swing is about you, not the PGA Tour.

So instead of arguing the point of why you don’t see Moe’s s swing in the PGA Tour, which by the way you see in Steve Striker’s swing, I would rather talk about all of the things that the Moe Norman swing can do for you.  The Single Plane Golf Swing is about simplifying the golf swing.  It accomplishes this by a very simple concept that most other methods ignore – biomechanics.  The Single Plane Swing is the easiest way to move your body to strike a golf ball.  This alone is enough to want to make everyone try to swing like Moe.  But there is something that most people don’t consider because they don’t know better, that golf is a game of consistency.  Those who are the most consistent are the best players.

If you look at golf from this perspective, you would be looking for a consistent golf swing. And if you do your homework, you would learn that there has never been a player more consistent at ball-striking than Moe Norman.

No, I don’t argue about Moe Norman’s golf swing,  The truth of it is self evident if you understand it.  If you don’t understand it you should and if you at some time in your life want to improve, and you continue with learning conventional methods, I will see you sometime in the future if you don’t quit first.  So before you quit, do yourself and your golf game a favor, give us a call and learn about an easier more consent way.



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  1. I tried Moe’s swing. it has taken a month to learn. I still use a traditional interlocking grip. otherwise, I try to emulate everything about the single plane swing. The most noticeable improvement for me is the newfound ability to use the lateral shift. I now feel lag, release, and way more power.

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