It’s Either Fit or It’s Not…

This time of year we start getting a lot of emails and calls about clubs.  Sometimes questions about new clubs, about what works for the single plane swing, and many times, about the fitting of current clubs.

To be honest, it’s really a pretty easy answer for those that are calling about their current clubs.

“If the clubs have been fit to you for your single plane swing (by our recommended specifications), then they are good / fit for you.  If they have not been fit to you for your single plane swing (according to our recommended specifications), they are NOT a good / fit for you.”

Seems simple right ….  but how many are working on a better single plane swing and have never had your clubs fit for the swing?

If that is you – your clubs are working AGAINST what you are trying to accomplish.

A properly fit club makes swing changes MUCH easier than a non fit club.  In fact, if your club is “way off” in the fit, you might not be able to make a swing change at all (no matter how hard you are working at it).

Let’s discuss some of the fitting points and why so important:

1.  Driver – Correct length, shaft flex, grip size and loft of the driver is critical.  Correct length allows for you to stand the proper distance and have the correct spine angle and tilt at set up.  Correct shaft flex and loft will allow for proper ball position and give you maximum flight and roll.  Correct grip size will allow for maximum release and distance.

2.  Fairway wood(s) – Correct length, shaft flex, grip size and loft.  (Grip, Length and shaft flex have same issues as driver).  Loft is critical here – not enough loft will not allow you to hit maximum distance off the ground.   Most golfers SHOULD NOT be hitting a 3 wood (15*) – they should be hitting a 4 or 5 wood (maximum) to give them the most distance when hitting off the ground.

3.  Hybrids – Correct length, lie angle, shaft flex, grip size and loft.  (Grip, length and shaft flex same as above).  Carrying the correct hybrids for your swing speed is critical.  If you hit irons that do match your swing speed, you will hit them basically the same distance.  Hybrids are replacements that make it possible to hit the longer shots much easier.  Knowing which hybrids to carry is critical.

4.  Irons – Correct length, lie angle, shaft flex and type (graphite, etc..), and grip size.  You must have the correct length and lie angle to be able to hit a straight ball with a good single plane swing.  If you working on getting you swing on plane and your lie angle is not set correct for your height and arm length, the shot will push or pull at impact.  The results you are receiving will not match the swing you are developing.   Correct shaft flex and type (graphite vs. steel) is recommended according to swing speed and need for forgiveness for your body.  Correct grip size will allow for maximum release and distance.  Improper will hinder both.

5.  Wedges – Correct length, lie angle, shaft flex, grip size and type of metal.  All same characteristics as irons above except for type of metal and shafting in your most lofted wedges.  The sand and lob wedge must be steel shafted and a forged (softer metal) type head to create maximum spin and feel around the green.  To allow you to have your best short / scoring part of the game.

6.  Putter – Correct length, grip size and look.  Length to make sure you can get the golf ball under your eye line at set up.  Grip size to help you from “flipping” at impact.  Look – a putter that will allow you to set up with a square face.

Again – it is critical to have a properly fit set of clubs if you are working on improving your golf swing, golf game, etc…  An improper fit, or non fit, will not allow for improvement or at least slow improvement dramatically.

Whether you are looking to adjust your current clubs or are looking at something different, we are happy to assist you in your fittings.  We do this free of charge and if you purchase clubs from us (from a single club to a full set) – the fittings of the set (including our specialized grips) are at no additional charge.

Plus – we will match or beat market prices…. and many times have package deals you will not find anywhere else.

If you are interested in more information about our free club fitting:  CLICK HERE

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