In Search of the Perfect Grip


Searching for perfection and for the truth can be an adventure and eye opening.  Sometimes it can make you do things that most people wouldn’t think of – like crawling between someone’s legs and snapping a picture.

As you can see in this picture of Moe’s right hand – discovering exactly where he placed his right hand position on the club. I wanted to see his knuckle position so I crawled between his legs and took a pic. I also took dozens of other pictures from different angles of his hands on the golf club.

What I do know, after watching and learning from Moe over ten years is that Moe had the best hand action in golf because he had a perfect grip. I also learned that hand position or the grip is a vital part of the golf swing and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that it could be the most important variable. Not because it is the only thing that is important but because the entire swing will be a reflection of where your hands are placed.

So why exactly is hand position so important?

Your hands hold the club so that you can move the club, produce speed and square the clubface at impact. I call this hand action within the golf swing and your hand action is a direct reflection of the position of your hand placement on the grip. As a matter of fact, I often check a person’s grip at the top of the backswing because you simply cannot hit a golf ball correctly if the clubface is not square during the swing movement. And the only way to have a square clubface is by having a correct hold and hand action.

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I discussed the importance of the hands position with Moe as well as how a correct hand position allows for a great address position which leads to a great hand action and swing action that Moe called – “The Feeling of Greatness”. This feeling that Moe described, started in his hands where the lead hand worked together with the trail hand to produce perfect club and club-face movement during the swing. Here are a few details to describe the Hand Position and Hand Action:

Hand Position Basics:

  1. The back of the lead hand faces the target / square with the clubface
  2. The club is held in the fingers of the lead hand (pressure points) (The Lead hand is the left hand for a right handed player).
  3. The club aligns with the lead arm
  4. The Trail Hand pinky overlaps the lead hand index finger to unify the hands. (The trail hand is the right hand for a right handed player)
  5. The Trail Hand is under or aligned with the club into a “non-rotational” position where it does not rotate during the backswing or downswing allowing for a direct, straight, non-rotational movement into impact.
  6. The club aligns with the trail arm.


Hand Action basics:

The hands work together during the backswing where:

  1. The Lead hand cocks
  2. The Trail Hand Hinges (non rotationally)
  3. The lead arm stays straight in the backswing
  4. The trail arm folds in the backswing
  5. The Movement of the hands and arms (hand action) planes the club shaft
  6. The Movement of the hands and arms also planes the club face
  7. The Hinging and Unhinging of the hands produces speed into impact
  8. The Hinging and Unhinging of the hands squares the clubface at impact


Below you can see Moe’s hand position from another angle:


This angle shows Moe’s Lead hand and how it aligns with the club face. You can also see how the trail arm is below the lead arm showing that the club is placed through the lead hand under the heel pad. Notice the squareness of the club-face.

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A Training Product to Get the Grip Correct

The basics of Hand Position and Hand action is a critical part of the Single Plane Golf Swing. So important that I spent numerous hours in development of a training aide that could help train the ideal hand position and hand action.

The Feeling of Greatness Training Club has the following features:

 The golf ball flies straight because of the club-face. And in my opinion playing golf with an improper grip is a waste of time because you are fighting poor fundamentals.

Moe would call this “fighting yourself” because if your hands are on the club incorrectly, you simply cannot swing the club well. You’ve lost the battle before it has begun.

Spend some time perfecting your grip and train your hand action. You will be amazed at how much you can improve from this simple yet critically important fundamental.

Find out more about our “Feeling of Greatness” Training club here

Todd Graves