Green means Go. That is what I want you to do when it comes to moving your lower body. The problem with worst golf swings is that bad golf swings STOP the lower body from moving. You need to find out whether you STOP or whether you GO. This could be the difference in whether you slice the ball or hit it nice and straight.

Take a look at his sequence of Moe Norman Pics. These are some old pics of Moe from the 50’s. In the first picture, I marked his lower body position by marking his right hip position at address.  Then I marked his right hip position at impact. You can easily see how it has moved. This is exactly what I mean by GO. You must let your hips GO forward into the downswing and impact.

Lower body move


This is a great angle to view the lower body. It is both lateral AND rotational. Notice how Moe has moved his lower body into a flexed lead knee. His lead foot is rotated outward. Notice how he has maintained his tilt. Also keep in mind that the lower body movement is critical for the proper swing path. If you have any of the following problems, you might have problems with your lower body:

  1. Hit behind the ball
  2. Slice the ball
  3. Hit off Toe of Club
  4. Pull the ball

These are the most common problems when the lower body STOPS movement. Always remember that most swing problems are due to improper body movements. The lower body move is important to proper swing path so any problems with swing path could be lower body problems.

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In summary, you must make your lower body a GO motion and not a STOP motion.  In the backswing the lower body turns (Goes) and then it GOes in the transition and it moves into the lead leg. The lead leg supports the hip motion as you release and finish.  You should feel the stopping motion in your legs, not your hips. This is why the lower body is a GO motion – just as Moe described “I swing into my legs”. In other words, Moe moved his lower body into his legs.

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