Improve Your Golf Game While Watching Football Games!

How many of you watched football this past weekend? How many of you know you can now watch football basically every day of the week? (Yup, I know it… and honestly guilty of watching at least 3 to 4 nights/days a week…) 

Whether you are watching football games, just watching TV, sitting in front of your computer, sitting at your desk or just sitting on your couch…. how many of you know you can dramatically improve your golf game at the same time?? 

Good players know this…

GGA alumnus know this….

Professionals know this…

Before I give you a drill you can do now (indoor), I am going to tell you about a training program we have performed the past few winters with EXTREME success. 

This week we are starting our Fall/Winter Training Program. This program includes the following:

  1. Drills, Training that can all be done INDOORS.
  2. 27 weeks of Training / Drills / Fundamentals (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb)
  3. 9 weeks of short game, 9 weeks of long game and 9 weeks of flexibility.
  4. First week Short Game Training/Drills, 2nd week Flexibility training/Drills, 3rd week Long Game Training/Drills, 4th week Short Game continues, 5th week flexibility continued, 6th week Long game continued….
  5. Personal contact/one on one with GGA master instructors helping you with your training/drills, etc.
  6. All 27 weeks will be recorded. As a week is complete, it will be stored and you can view anytime during the 27-week program. Meaning, if you miss a week or two, you can review and catch up anytime.
  7. The ability for you to record your training and send to the coaches for review (ANYTIME). This is optional (up to you) – but included in the training program.
  8. When you finish the 27 weeks your short game will be greatly improved, your long game and fundamentals will be greatly improved and your flexibility will be increased / improved resulting in making it much easier to hit the correct positions in the golf swing, less stress on the body and potentially more distance.

Here are some facts that we know about fall/winter golf.

  1. Very few practice much (especially over the fall and winter).
  2. Everyone wants to be better/improve.
  3. Very few know how to improve over the fall/winter.
  4. The best time to improve your game is over the fall / winter as most play less this time of year.
  5. Very few understand that improvement exponentially increases when you are NOT hitting golf balls.
  6. Practice must involve the long game, short game and flexibility (especially for our typical age group).
  7. Very few know how to practice properly.
  8. Improvement is GUARANTEED if you train / practice properly and GREATLY ACCELERATED if you check / monitor and have someone check / monitor for you. 

Again – this fall / winter training is starting this week (First week of September).

Before get into a great indoor short game drill, if you would like to see the webinar on this fall/winter training program: CLICK HERE

Indoor Training (Sneak Peak) (as seen in webinar)

  1. Set up a yard stick on the floor
  2. Set up over a putt with a ball on the yardstick

Set up properly – hands leading, eyes over the ball, putter face square, etc.


  1. Stoke the putt
  2. Hold the finish
  3. Check the finish position


  1. Face/leading edge should still be square to the yardstick and still centered over the yardstick. 
  2. Butt end of putter should have pointed at the lead hip
  3. There will be no movement in body except the shoulders (arms and hands)

Now… Watch your game on TV (lol…)

Think you get my point…. I typically do this drill inside during commercials…. 

Repeat with a golf ball and without a golf ball.

Repeat 10 to 15 times SLOWLY without a golf ball. Hold finish every time and check

Repeat 10 to 15 times with a golf ball. Hold finish every time and check. Ball should go down the yardstick and off the end…

This is 1 of many drills during the training we will give you in the next 27 weeks. As you see this can be done inside (recommended) in front of the TV, in your office, in your “man/woman cave”, in your garage… think you get my point. All can be done inside and we will give you the fundamental, checkpoints, drill(s) and follow up. You can then video a send to us (if you choose – included in program). If you send in video of yourself, we will follow up with recommendations for you and an email with those same recommendations/additional training.

This is the best thing you can do for your golf game for the next 6 months! 

Last question – Again – how much do you want to improve over this fall / winter….? 

Questions about program – please feel free to contact Trent White (Coaching Program Director) at

or myself (Tim Graves) at or

For more information: CLICK HERE

If you question the program, can’t decide if it’s for you or not, get in for a month… if you don’t think it’s for you – give me (Tim) or Trent an email – we will discontinue your membership immediately (no questions asked).

Again – this is where we put our focus on training for our students over the fall and winter.  We STRONGLY suggest all those who want to have a much better golf game next spring to be part of this program with us. 

We look forwarded to helping you improve your golf game DRAMATICALLY over the next 6 months…. sit back (watching football……) and watch the improvement!!!


  • All those currently in coaching program – you are already included (don’t need to do anything additional). Watch you email inbox this week for your first training session.
  • All those currently in our Single Plane Inner Circle (and not the coaching program) – you can upgrade for the additional $ and be part of the coaching program (which included the Inner Circle membership).

More information, enrollment, and details about the SPECIAL:  CLICK HERE

This SPECIAL pricing will end next week. 

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