I Hear Palm Springs and Orlando are great this time of year!

To begin, my hope is that you’ve had a very joyous Christmas and a hopeful beginning to the New Year. I know these winter months have been especially busy for us here at GGA, as we prepare for continuing to build the Moe Norman brand by helping any golfer that wants to improve.

While this weather this winter is just getting cranked up in some parts, we will start out 2013 schools in just a few weeks in 2 locations where the weather is pretty good this time of year – Orlando, FL and Palm Springs, CA.

Why in the world would you want to take a golf school in January?

Simple: The winter months are the best time to make positive changes to your golf game. In fact, this time of year is when touring professionals make changes to their swings and games.

You see, in the winter months, you can focus on making the changes without the worry or pressure of how the ball is flying or whether or not you’ll play badly. There’s no pressure to score well, no pressure from your playing partners. When you really think about making a significant improvement, right now is prime time.

That being the case, come join us for one of our schools in these early spring months. You’ll leave with a clear plan for improving not only your golf swing but your entire game. I encourage you to make 2013 a year of continual improvement, and we are here to help you do that.

Since the Mayans missed the whole end of the world thing, we might as well go for it!

Scott Renfrow

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