I Don’t want you Satisfifed


“Do we have audio?” – Check.

“Camera on?” – Thumbs up. “So let me take a few questions. First question “What is the difference between what you teach and Natural Golf”.

Answer, “Nothing and Everything – Next question.”

The reason for the obvious head fake is for multiple reasons, one of them being the fact that I have been teaching Moe Norman’s Single Plane swing for over 15 years, 11 of these years with my company – the Graves Golf Academy. As a matter of fact, the Graves Golf Academy has been in business longer than Natural Golf – as far as single ownership is concerned.

The other reason is that I really don’t know where to start answering this question. Why? Because I can’t really find the value in it. Yes, there are differences and similarities in what we, the Graves Golf Academy, teach versus what Natural Golf has taught in the past. The only answer that makes any sense to me is to simply say “We Teach Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf Swing in its purest form. We don’t compromise on this. We believe that Moe was special and his swing was special. More importantly, whether you are a PGA tour player or weekend warrior, everyone can learn and benefit from knowing about him.

Furthermore, we don’t believe that Moe had a secret. We believe Moe was the secret. Moe said it himself – in my first interview with him, the day that I met him. When I asked him how he learned to be such a great ball-stirker, he said directly, “hard work”. Later, he would expand on this and tell me “you can’t buy it”.

This is an important point of view – that Moe was the answer – all of him. What this means is that you can’t take pieces of it and expect to get the full benefit. So when people and companies such as Natural Golf try to only take ‘parts” of Moe’s swing and develop versions of a Single Plane, they miss the full benefit of what Moe actually offers us.

I’ve said it before, Moe did the hard work for us. We just need to copy. Not that copying is easy, that is not what I am saying here. What I am saying is that we can stop guessing at what we are doing and just do what Moe did. What a great opportunity and a great gift.

I was 28 years old when I met Moe. I can look back now and speak from a different point of view now. When I reflect on that time now and see how far we have come, I can connect the dots so to speak. This is what I can offer you now – today. This is my offer to help you shortcut the process of you benefiting from knowing Moe. You see, I got to know Moe the hard way. I had to teach myself what he was doing by doing it with him. I too made tons of mistakes in this process. This is the evolution of the Graves Golf Academy. You make something and then you break it so that you can remake it stronger. What an incredible lesson.

Yup. Its hard work, just what Moe said. To become a better ball striker you need to Make it (your swing), break it and then remake it again. Then, guess what. Break it again.

This is an incredible process. Why do I think so? Because when you experience this process, you get incredibly strong. This strength is like building muscle. You can’t build muscle unless you break it down. The worst place I believe you can be is in a place of satisfaction. If you are satisfied, you aren’t growing. Don’t be satisfied.

If you are wondering about the difference between Graves Golf and Natural Golf, it doesn’t matter – really. What matters is that you Swing Like Moe and that you are willing to not be satisfied with mediocre. Just get busy, practice and work toward the model. It comes, you will improve, I guarantee it. And, you will get stronger and better in the process.

Learn more about the Single Plane Golf Swing of Moe Norman here: http://moenormangolf.com/store/products/the-single-plane-solution/