GGA Helps Golfers of All Levels

There are three main reasons people search for golf instruction help; Frustration, Pain while playing and a search for an easier way to play golf.

Are you Frustrated?

While Frustration is the most common cause of golfers quitting the game today, it is also the reason that golfers find Moe Norman and the Graves Golf Academy.

The reason students get to the point of frustration is due to three main factors:

  1. Lack of Improvement when practicing
  2. Confusion
  3. Not knowing how to improve

The Graves Golf Academy has been helping frustrated golfers for over 10 years. The GGA solution to frustration is to model all aspects of Moe Norman’s one plane golf swing. By Modeling Moe Norman you:

  1. Understand the Single Plane and why Moe Norman did what he did
  2. Know exactly how to achieve the Model of the one plane swing
  3. Know exactly how to practice

Learning how to model Moe Norman is the answer to all students’ frustration. Modeling is the “shortcut” to a great “single plane” golf swing.

Graves Golf Academy is here to help you shortcut your learning process.

Are you in Pain?

Back pain and other pains associated with playing golf is another reason people quit playing golf.

Moe Norman’s single plane golf swing is the solution to this pain. By starting the golf club on the one single plane, address and impact are mirrored. Because the spine no longer compresses with an upward and backward motion, “returning to plane” reduces stress on the back and other parts of the body.

Are you looking for an easier way?

The Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing is easier because it is based on science. Regarded as the biomechanically most efficient way to strike a golf ball, simplicity is a result of many factors including:

  1. Less Stresses on the Body
  2. The Kinesiology of body movement
  3. Anatomical alignment of correct body parts to impact

These biomechanical and kinesiological factors are what GGA refers to as efficiency, simplicity. This is where “Where Anatomy Meets a Golf Club”.