One of the most valuable benefits to the Graves Golf Academy Coaching Program is that every video lesson is saved in your locker. This allows you to continually watch and compare each lesson. Changes are not always immediately visible but comparing your first swing video to one after a couple months of video coaching can be quite shocking. Another convenience of having all your lessons in a personal locker is that you can watch them anytime and anywhere. You can even watch them while on the driving range practicing. The coaching program lessons can be watched on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. So after your swing video is analyzed by one of our master instructors you’ll receive a review that will include: analysis of any swing faults, a comparison to Moe, personalized coaching, and drills for improvement. Imagine being able to begin your next practice session by watching a GGA instructor completely analyze your swing on video and coach you through areas that need improvement. The GGA Coaching Program has basically put a GGA certified master instructor in your back pocket. If you’d like to find out more about the Coaching Program Click Here