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As a Single Plane Golfer, You have achieved (one or more):

  • Hole In One
  • Tournament Win(s)
  • Personal Best Score(s)
  • Significant Handicap Reduction
  • Shooting Your Age

If you believe you qualify for the Single Plane Hall of Fame – please contact: support@gravesgolf.com with your qualification information. We will review the request and contact you.


Murray “Moe” Norman – Kitchener, ON, Canada


Qualification(s): 17 Holes in One, 40+ Tournament Wins

No Hall of Fame for Single Plane Golfers would be complete without our beloved Moe Norman, the original “Single Plane” golfer.

Jeff Kohlman – Johns Creek, GA

Qualification(s): Shooting Your Age – January 2022

My announced goal for the last three years has been to shoot my age. In Sept 2020, I came close but only good for horseshoes. Then unfortunately back and other health issues kept me out for more than the next year. During that year out I watched and re-watched lessons and videos and in the last three months worked back into playing and sending in videos. Yesterday, Jan 20, I shot 77 against my age of 78. Thank you, thank you, thank you, especially to Clay who has reviewed most of my videos and whose help is worth the price of admission and more. I need to recuperate a little more, and think about it a little more before announcing a new goal, but will be prepared before I see you all at Alumni Camp this April in Orlando.

Barney Hernandez – Castaic, CA

Qualification(s): Hole-in-One – January 2022

I just wanted to thank you for the club recommendation, today my second outing with my new clubs I made a hole in one on a 171 yard Par 3, using my new Calloway Apex 5 wood at my local executive 18 hole.

Kevin McCuistion – Duvall, WA

Qualification(s): Significant Handicap Reduction – December 2021

I’m down to a 6.1 handicap from 19 when I first started with you (Tim) and Todd more than 10 years ago. Thanks for all of your teaching! Time for me to work hard on wedges since I’m limited in what I can do with my old Pugliellis.

Ben Jacobs – Johannesburg, SA

Qualification(s): Personal Best Scores – December 2021

Ben has been playing for 18 months using the single plane swing, he has a pb of 69 on our Championship East course here at Royal Johannesburg. His handicap is now down to a 3. He made his second hole-in-one from 212m using a 5 wood. His first was 74m using a SW.

Brenden Gee – Niagara Falls, NY

Qualification(s): Personal Best Scores – November 2021

I’ve been a Gold Member for approximately 1.5 years and recently purchased the Excalibur/H3 mirror package. A couple weeks after, I finally sprung for properly-fitted irons through Tim. Today was my FIRST round with those irons and in 45° weather, I shot low round of the year of Even par(+2 on front/-2 on back).

Having practiced a couple hours each week on the Excalibur, I made every putt today that I was supposed to and a couple that I probably shouldn’t have. That, combined with having properly fitted clubs in hand were a deadly combination. Not a bad way to end the season. Onto the winter training.

Gary and Teddi Davis  – Broomfield, CO

Qualification(s): Hole in One & Personal Best Scores – November 2021

We’ve been in Phoenix since late on 11/4. We’ve played 13 ½ rounds of golf in that time (taking one day off to hike Camel Back, and two rest days). It was my idea to play two back-to-backs—two rounds back-to-back on Mountain Shadows, and another day playing Legacy then Mountain Shadows). I have never played even two days in a row before this trip!

We’ve also practiced with the trainer each day before play and two days walking down to Silverado to chip and putt—we even sent in videos 🙂

Achievements this trip: Gary’s had two hole in ones at Mountain Shadows #5 and #10. And today each of us played our best rounds EVER!! Gary broke 80 today and I (Teddi) broke 100!!!!!

Larry Jones  – Arcadia, LA

Qualification(s): Hole in One – November 2021

Hey Tim, today I hit my Callaway Pitching Wedge onto a par 3 for a 132 yard hole in one. My year and 1/2 of learning the single plane swing, gold video mentoring and you fitting me properly with clubs has certainly been a Blessing during my retirement. I am 69 years old now and scoring better than I have in 45 years.

Thank you and your team!

Debbie Hollis  – Cynthiana, KY

Qualification(s): Tournament Win – September 2021

I have been using the single plane method since I started golfing about 5 years ago (just to have some fun) My husband Joe attended your school In Orlando and is a gold program member. I’ve used your free videos and wanted you to know I broke 100 this year and won the Veterans Golf Association Senior Women’s Net tournament.

Kevin Torres  – Lake Mary, FL

Qualification(s): Hole in One – August 2021

I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful equipment you have help me get! I am happily using the custom Callaway Mavrik Irons and driver and using an ERC triple track ball. I have now been playing for 3 years. (Started on my 60th birthday…started a little late in life) and have been enjoying using the clubs. On August 1, 2021 I got my “FIRST HOLE-IN-ONE”, at Winter Park Golf Course, FL , at Hole 8, 135 yards, PAR 3. My understanding is that it is rare to get holes-in-one so, needless to say I felt very happy to have achieved it. Thanks again for providing me with live & video training and proper clubs to make it possible to achieve something so special.

Ron Barrett  – Shoreview, MN

Qualification(s): Tournament Win – August 2021

I play in a golf league on Monday evenings here in the Twin Cities… our scoring system is a combination of modified stableford and net match play, so there is a lot of volatility in the standings each week. The 2nd half of the this season, I was hovering between 3rd place and 5th place (out of 28 guys). We had our position round on 8/16 and I started the week in 5th with my one chance of moving up to first was to have the top 4 have bad weeks and for me to have a semi great week…. Well, lightning struck. The guy in first place blew up to a gross score of 51 (going into the week, he was playing to a 7 handicap (nine holes)). 2nd place guy was on vacation and not there, so he scored 0 points.. third and fourth place guys did not play well. I ended up being the 2nd half winner by 4 points. I was shocked.

Daryl Hudson  – Wilmington, DE

Qualification(s): Hole in One – August 2021

Had my first hole-in-one recently at Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington, DE.  It was a par 3, 152 yards away (forward tees), on the South Course.  It was great thrill for me, especially at my age, 75.

Greg Hiller  – LaSalle, CO

Qualification(s): Hole in One – August 2021

I got my first ever hole in one at the Ridge at Castle Pines 144 yards with a 7 iron

Richard Rackers  – Jefferson City, MO

Qualification(s): Shooting Your Age, Lower Handicap – August 2021

I am 74.  Just shot 70.  I have been a gold member for a number of years.  When I started using the SPS my handicap was 16.  My handicap is now a 3.
The feedback from the videos is wonderful

Ben Farmer  – Richardson, TX

Qualification(s): Hole in One – July 2021

Having a pretty rough day. Shot 49 on the front. Step on the box with no expectations except just get it close to the green so I don’t loss another hole. Hit a clean high straight shot and follow as the ball is going toward the pin. It hits the green below the hole and as it rolls up close to the hole it looks like it rolls behind the pin because I can’t see it any more. Then the guys on the tee box with me go from disbelief to whooping it up and I realize I have actually hit it in the hole. I am stunned and ecstatic all at the same time. We go to the green and take pics of me pulling the ball out of the hole. The ball with my mark on it. Yep, I had really, FINALLY, gotten my hole in one. WOW!

Jim Whitcomb  – Janesville, WI

Qualification(s): Hole in One – May 2021

On hole #2 at Cecelia’s Golf Club, located outside my home city of Janesville, WI, I used a Cobra 3 Hybrid. (I’m NOT a long hitter, but I AM very straight with the Single Plane Swing!). Hole #2 is about 138 from the White tees. I teed off and the ball started just a tad left of the target I had picked out. It hopped just short of the green and rolled into the cup! I didn’t see it clearly, but one of my foursome was watching (he was on the phone, by the way!), as was one of the course groundskeepers who was mowing our tee box!
They both started saying they thought it disappeared into the cup, and the groundskeeper actually followed us up to the green! As I approached the green, there was the top of my ball peeking out from the cup, laying on the little foam insert! I’D DONE IT!! Finally at age 64, I had finally experienced what we ALL hope to achieve, and feel!!

John Angiulli  – Poughkeepsie, NY

Qualification(s): Hole in One – November 2020

I got a hole-in-one in just my 5th round after switching to the Single Plane Swing!  It was 115 yards with a pitching wedge.  It hit 1.5 feet in front of the hole and it bounced straight in on a fly!

Gene Faessler – Shallotte, NC

Qualification(s): Hole in One – February 2021

I recently got my fifth hole in one using the Single Plane Swing. The hole is # 5 at Rivers Edge Golf Club here in Shallotte NC. It’s 115 yds and I used a PW to sink it. The hole is all carry over marsh and into the wind on this day. So not bad for a 71 year old.

Roger McLain, USAF, Ret. – Austin, TX

Qualification(s): Hole in One, Shooting Your Age – February 2021

Colonel Roger McLain. Roger has been a Member at Lost Creek Country Club for the last 37 years and has has some noteworthy accomplishments in his golfing career. He has shot his age or better over 100 times, has had 13 eagles and had had 5 Hole in Ones.
He is a true war hero flying 100 photo-reconnaissance missions over North Vietnam and was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross with One Oak Leaf Cluster, and the Air Medal with 9 Oak Leaf Clusters.

James Power – Australia

Qualification(s): Tournament Win – November 2020

Thanks for your encouragement as well as your coaching and feedback. I love every bit of it although I do get quite despondent at times. After Clays latest emails I got back to work and kept the focus on hitting the positions.
Anyway today was Monthly Honors Day at my club. Stroke play off the Championship tees. I shot a 3 over (75) for 63 net with my 12 handicap and easily won the competition. New handicap is 9.2 – lowest ever.
This is absolutely incredible and for me it’s a great encouragement on my single plane journey.
Thanks again for being part of my improvement and enjoyment of golf.

Tom Moore – Broken Arrow, OK

Qualification(s): Tournament Win – November 2020

Wanted to say thanks for all your help and everyone else at Graves Golf!! Could not of won player of the year at my club without Graves golf! Our clubs MGA is set up just like the Fedex cup , you play all year and are awarded point for each tournament on where you placed. The goal is to be in the top 15 at the end of the year . The last tournament of the year with the top 15 players decides player of the year! My journey with graves started July 3 2020 , I joined the gold club promptly after that !  I think anyone willing to put in a little hard work should definitely look into the gold program ! Every step of the way has been very professional and productive. Any questions I had were answered promptly! The video I sent in were analyzed and sent back in a short amount of time and were spot on with what Trent outlined. Shout out to Tim for my custom fit clubs!!! Thanks again!

Joe Croshire – Landrum, SC

Qualification(s): Hole in One – October 2020

Wanted to Share with you and Graves Team.
I am a Gold Member and spent a day with you and Tim way back when you were using 8 track video recording in Orlando.
Was in One Day with Paul Tessler a year ago in Hendersonville, N.C.

This was signature hole at the Cliffs at Glassy in Landrum SC  116 Yard Pitching Wedge

Ko Dooms – Netherlands

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score – October 2020

Made a 76 today in a PGA tournament my best score in 8 years

Perry Krichmar – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Qualification(s): Personal Best – September 2020

Finally happened, trying to break a 40 on either front or back and break 80.
Today 39 in the front and 37 in the back for a 76.  First time ever for both !  The weekly coaching tips are great  and your advice to slow up the back swing.  By slowing down  it has allowed me to rotate the hips in position 1 and bend over the knee when coming through. When my ball goes left (I’m a lefty) I know I didn’t properly rotate the hips. After 3 years of single plane and age 60 I’ve accomplished all I can ask for !
Perry Krichmar

Daniel Mannen – Longview, WA

Qualification(s): Tournament Win – September 2020

Big thank you…. two months into my training.. 8 shot win in my super senior club championship. Missed only one fairway on Sunday. Only one swing thought, get to step one correctly!!!
I have won other stuff, but always had to pray my swing would hold up…still spend a lot of time in prayer but not so much for my swing which now repeats!!!

Brian Zeilinger – Rising City, NE

Qualification(s): Hole in One – September 2020

            On Saturday my son and I were golfing at our local course and I made a hole in one on a 125 yd par 3, first one ever and I’m 56 years old and   have been golfing since about the fourth grade. That was exciting even if there was some luck involved.

Bryan Knepper – Dunnellon, FL

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score – September 2020

Hey Chandler…
I am a 9 hole golfer in the summer since my stroke in June of 2015. I found out that when I play 18 in the heat, I end up feeling like a wet dish rag when I’m done.
I am writing to tell you that since my intro to the single plane swing, I have had only one round of 40. All the rest have been in the 30’s, including 2 even par rounds. Today I have reached another milestone. I shot a 1 under 35. This was only possible because of the consistency I am developing on the tee and fairways.  Thanks for everything, and please let Tim know the new clubs are a great help!

Bruce Burton – Ottawa, ON

Qualification(s): Hole In One – August 2020

I attended your academy this past February in Orlando. I have been working on my game and it is getting better. I am writing to let you know that I had a hole in one using the single plane swing on Tuesday August 18th!

Mark Warren – Greenville, NC

Qualification(s): Personal Best Scores – July 2020

I joined as gold member I think in April 2020, with a handicap index of 14. My scores are now dropping quickly.

Yesterday  I shot a new PR TWICE. In the morning I shot a new PR of 79 and in the afternoon bettered it at 76!  Par 72, 6100 yards . My Handicap is now 9.  Please see attached screenshots. I am playing the best golf of my life at age 62!

Thanks to Graves Golf for all the help!

Ron Hicinbothem – Shokan, NY

Qualification(s): Hole in One – July 2020

On Friday July 3rd, I got my third hole in one on the fourth hole at my club…Woodstock Golf Club. Hit a 7 iron, the yardage was 141 yds. The ball made a mark 3 feet in front of the pin and went in. I got stuck with the bar bill..Also in early June, I bettered my age by 2. Shot 73 on a par 70 course…Life is Good!

Steve Reynolds – Downingtown, PA

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score – July 2020

I would like to thank you all for being a part of a big day for me!  Shot a personal best 90 today! First day out with the new clubs and oh boy what a difference….Thank you Tim!
Some things I have been doing right to achieve that milestone are gold membership, training aids and practice, attending your one day training in Sinking Springs and purchasing new clubs.  When I hit that “moe swing” with the new Callaway’s it is a super sweet feeling, my fairway hits and score today are proof to “trust the process” and good things will happen.
Thank you!

Al Olbeter  – Green Valley, AZ

Qualification(s): Shooting Your Age – June 2020

Shot my age this past weekend, 71.  Attended a short game school in Phoenix three weeks ago and practiced what we learned through the 90 day program.  I know some days it just all comes together, but my score has dramatically improved since the school.  Thanks again SPA!

Dr. Chris Nix – McCook, NE

Qualification(s): Hole in One – May 2020

I wanted to let you know that I had a hole-in-one yesterday. 8 iron from 164 yds. I shot even par 72. It was my ninth hole-in-one and first in 10 years. I really thought that I would never experience this joy again!

At the first of this year my golf had deteriorated to the point that I was about to give up the game. As a last resort, I decided to go with the single plane swing and get new Callaway Mavrik clubs through Graves Golf.

Thanks so much for your contribution to the game of golf and to all the golfers out here that are struggling to hit it consistently. I attribute my improvement and renewed excitement to the Single Plane Swing and my new Callaway Mavrik clubs. I want you to know that the new Mavrik clubs I purchased through you, have been instrumental in my game improvement. My handicap has dropped from 8.9 in January to 1.8 currently. Many of my friends are asking “what the hell happened”. The single plane swing has been the key.

Keep up the good work!

Dr. Chris Nix

Nancy Powers – Farr West, UT

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score – May 2020

I’m so excited! One of my goals on my 90 day plan was to break 90 and I shot an 89 today with 32 putts. This is the first time in my golf life that I’ve ever broken 90.  I really like the 90 Plan because there’s an element of accountability to it. Because I committed to it, I feel obligated (in a good way) to send in my weekly videos. I look forward to the analysis of my videos which come back quickly and are always spot on as far as what I need to do. I practice and take video of myself almost daily. I’m finally seeing that my hard work is starting to pay off. I’m half way through and am motivated and excited to keep going.

Bill Mann – Kelowna, BC

Qualification(s): Hole in One, Handicap Reduction, Competition Wins – May 2020

I am 81 years old, switched to Single Plane about 22 years ago -when it was Natural Golf. I had one hole in one- about 20 years ago. Won 3 tournaments as Single Plane golfer- one seniors and one super seniors- age 70+ years (in 2019 with a gross 77)

In my first 2 years with Single Plane, I improved my handicap from 17 to 12. My greatest joy is my significant improvement in consistency; and I outdrive many of my competitor buddies several who are 10 and 20 years younger. I now shoot my age or better 5-6 times per year

I LOVE the system; I have acquired much of Single Plane teaching materials and equipment over the years; I always look forward to the news letters and webinars. Mostly, my injured back does not hold me back since I adopted the Single Plane system, and I can still easily walk 18 holes regularly.

David Carruthers – Unanderra, New South Wales

Qualification(s): Hole in One – May 2020

I had a Hole in One in my first round after joining the Single Plane Academy Gold Program once we were allowed to play.

Also out of 4 rounds, I have reduced HCP by 0.5

Jim Wendling – San Jose, CA

Qualification(s): Hole in One, Shooting Your Age – May 2020

Hard to do better than a hole in one, sub par and shooting my age (73).  Thanks to Graves Golf

Greg Gabert – Scottsdale, AZ

Qualification(s): Hole in One – March 2020

Thought you’d also be interested in knowing that another one of your students was able to record an “ace” as of yesterday afternoon. I’m playing the best golf of my life thanks to the Graves Team.

Dan Oberlin – Fort Wayne, IN



Qualification(s): Personal Best Score and Hole in One – 2019

Shot 71 twice in a row after reviewing an article Tim wrote on the trail hand grip.

Also had my first hole in one ever!

Cliff Spinney – Nashua, NH

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score – October, 2019 (Score – 68)

I shot my personal best round last October at Firestone country club in Ohio.  68 on Sunday, which was the championship round day. First time breaking even par and I went 4 under.  My business partner was also my playing partner on that day and as a result he is signed up for a three day camp in March.

Bill Bower – Toronto, Ontario

Qualification(s): Hole In One, Personal Best Score – November 29, 2019 (Score – 75)

Hole in one – May 21, 2012 Lambton Golf & Country Club, Toronto, Ontario – Hole #12, 112 yards with pitching wedge


Personal Best – Lambton Golf & Country Club, Toronto, Ontario

Score -77; August 27, 2016

Reese Jones Redesign 2009; Course Rating 71.6; Slope 134; 6,419 yards


NEW Personal Best – West Bay Golf Club, Estero, Florida

Score – 75; November 29, 2019

Pete and P.B. Dye; Course Rating 69.5; Slope 130; 6,079 yards

I hope to have some more personal bests in 2020 as I’m working hard on short game.

Terry Doland – Eloy, AZ

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score/ Shooting Age -December 18, 2019 (Score – 74)

When I went to the Short Game School and 5 Day Camp in November my golf game was really a mess but you guys and your team got me going in the right direction and it has made golf fun again.

It has always been a golf goal of mine to shoot my age. Yesterday I had my career round (so far) and shot my age for the first time a (2 over) 74.

Thank you so much for all your help. I’m still a mess in the bunkers, but I’m working at it. I hope to see you at another school next year.

John Rousseau – Welland, Ontario

Qualification(s): 2 Hole In Ones  –

My first hole in one was on June 6th, 2014 at my home course. Hole #8 – 108 yards with an 8 iron
Then again the first day back last year April 24th, 2018 – Same hole

I am seventy-four years old but still enjoying golf and your webinars. Thanks for what you do for Moe!

Craig Huxter – Paradise, Newfoundland & Labrador

Qualification(s): Handicap Reduction, Personal Best Score, and Competition Wins  –

Since becoming a silver member I have lowered my handicap from 21 to 13.

I had my personal best low round of 77 on Oct 30, 2019, with no penalty strokes, no bunkers, no double bogies, 8 pars with 2 birdies.

I won my first skin this year for $310 at our men’s league with a birdie on #10, the second hardest hole on the course.

I finished first with a net 66 in our May Madness Golf Tournament.

I am playing better and having more fun in my 50’s than I did in my 30’s and 40’s.

Ron Hicinbothem – Shokan, NY

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score and 2 Hole In Ones –

I’ve shot my personal best of 66 at my home course, which is a par 70. 12 pars, 5 birdies, and 1 bogey. Also have had 2 hole in ones with the single plane swing.

Bobby Miser – Houston, TX

Qualification(s): Handicap Deduction –  November 4, 2019

 My handicap index has dropped from 13.5 to 8.1 since March of this year. I also have 5 holes in one since switching to the Moe Norman swing.

Dale Goodrich – South Lyon, Michigan

Qualification(s): Hole In One September 30, 2019

Age 72, first hole-in-one in about 57 years of golfing.
September 30, 2019 Tanglewood Senior Scramble, South Lyon, Michigan.
Tanglewood South #2, Par 3 125 yards, Adams Idea 8 iron, Titleist Pro V1x

The shotgun start had my foursome starting on this hole, so this was my first shot of the day although I did hit some range balls before the round. This hole was the designated “closest to the pin”hole so that worked out well. It also won one of the three skins for the day.

I converted to the single axis swing in 2002 at a Graves operated Natural Golf One day school. I am playing my best golf in 30 years.


Greg Gabert – Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Qualification(s): Hole In One March 25, 2019

Thought you’d also be interested in knowing that another one of your students was able to record an “ace” as of yesterday afternoon. I’m playing the best golf of my life thanks to you, Moe and the Graves Team.


Larry Weinhaus – Middleton, WI

Qualification(s): Hole In One February 22, 2019

I had a hole-in-one on Feb 22, 2019. GGA short game pitching motion, 121 yards to a middle pin location on a very sloping green, using a Callaway Steelhead PW.


Dave Reibel – Waterloo, Ontario

Qualification(s): Hole In One October 23, 2018

After returning from the 5 day Build Your Game Camp in OKC in September I have been working on my single plane swing and have started to see hints of progress to being a better ball striker. Today I did something I had never done before – I aced the 4th hole (130 yards) at Deer Ridge GC in Kitchener Ontario with a pitching wedge for my first ever hole-in-one! Looking forward to what next year’s golf will bring after a few months of winter training. Thanks to all the guys at Graves Golf Academy.



Dick Teubner – Bolivar, TN

Qualification(s): Hole In One August 15, 2018

I scored my first hole-in-one in a fifty year quest. 138-yards with a seven iron on the ninth hole of the Hardeman County Country
Club. Witnessed by Jerry Fry, Billie Dodds and Aaron McGregor.


Charles Burger – Mentor, OH

Qualification(s): 3 Tournament Wins


  1. The Links at Firestone Farms in Columbiana, OH
  2. Reserve Run in Poland, Ohio
  3. Moors Course at Boyne Highlands


All in The Golf Channel Am Tour



Robert Piatka – Lewis Center, OH

Qualification(s): Handicap reduction. July 15, 2018

Robert lowered his handicap from 17.6 to 9.1 in one year!



Cecil Woodruff – Canadian Lakes, MI

Qualification(s): Hole In One September 7, 2018

On September 7th I had a hole-in -one on the par 3 seventh hole of the Royal Canadian golf course, in Canadian Lakes, MI.



 Ken Dazen – Shamong, NJ

Qualification(s): Hole In One March 4, 2018

I had my first ever hole in one on March 4, 2018.



 Ray Stowers – Afton, OK

Qualification(s): Hole In One July 2, 2018

Amazing!  I shot 4 strokes under my handicap and made my 1st hole in one after 50 years of golf. This was my 1st 9 holes since golf school (last week). What a day!!
PS-Tell Wes it was the hat!



Farren Shanks – Evansville, IN

Qualification(s): Hole In One June 1, 2018

I had a hole in one.  At ECC Evansville Country Club on June 1st.

 Dave Charles – Gananoque, Ontario

Qualification(s): Tournament Win June 2018

Good Afternoon Clay, Trent, Tim, and Todd,

After years of working hard with Graves Golf and the Single Plane Academy I finally won the Bluewater Blowout golf outing in Gaylord Michigan the first week of June. This is an annual golf outing amongst 16 Dow Chemical retirees held over four days in Gaylord Michigan at various tough golf courses in the area (e.g. Treetops, The Natural, Michaywe Pines, and The Gaylord Country Club) . For the past four years I have made it to the final four guys but dissolved like Phil Mickelson on the 13th hole at Shinnecock Hills yesterday. But this year I was ready with a game that holds up under pressure:
– took the online Purify Your Swing Workshop and work the drills
– got a Red Marxman putter that fits from Callaway via Tim
– spent 70% of practice on short game to develop “noodle arms” on chips
– use my Swing Caddie to dial in my wedge distances
– got a 2 hour tuneup lesson with Captain Video Clay in Orlando in April and stopped dipping my head into the shots
– lots of personal video and SPA feedback
The Bluewater Blowup Trophy is back in Canada and I am $175 richer. Ready to buy the Callaway range finder when it is available.
Thanks guys. I am enjoying a very Happy Father’s Day.

 Jerry Tye – Port Charlotte, FL

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score & Shooting Below His Age  May 2018

I thought you guys might be interested in my recent double Hall of Fame achievement and personal milestones.

Since I attended the 3 day school in Orlando in January, 2014 I have continued to use what my playing partners refer to as my “Moe Norman swing”.

On May 9 I went with a group of guys to Club de Golf Le Fontainebleau in the Montreal area.  This top notch course has hosted the PGA Skins game, as well as Champions Tour events.

My achievements that day, which I continue to have trouble believing, started with me having my best score ever in relation to par.  I shot 5 over (77 on par 72 course), which bested two previous 6 over par rounds.  Just to top that off, I shot my age for the first time, actually beating it by 4, as I am 81.

Attached are both PDF and JPEG scans of the scorecard, which was dutifully signed by my three playing partners.  The card is soon to be framed!

Jerry Tye
Kanata, Ontario
Winter residence Port Charlotte, FL

 Gordy Woods – Eastpointe, Michigan

Qualification(s): Tournament Win May 2018


I just started the single plane swing this year and I just won my 2nd Golf Channel amateur tour tournament.  The swing is really that simple.  Shot a round of 78 at a very difficult course
Thank you for a great product
Gordy Woods

 Carl Thomas – Bluefield, West Virginia

Qualification(s): Honorary Member

Carl Thomas was one of the first alumnus of the Graves Golf Academy. Over the years he had attended many of our golf schools and truly became part of the Graves Golf Academy Family.
He was an active member in our Coaching Program and true believer in the Moe Norman Single Plane Swing. Unfortunately we recently were made aware that Carl has passed. He will be missed by everyone at GGA.

Hugh Freeman – Eagle Point, OR

Qualification(s): Hole In One & Personal Best Score – June 9, 2017

Hole in one on my home course – Eagle Point Golf Resort, Eagle Point, Or.  June 9, 2017.  15th hole 120 yards with a pitching wedge.  Also my lowest score of 78.  Par 72 from the grey tees and slope rating of 123.

Chris Mingacci – Valley Stream, NY

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score – 2017

I started playing golf late August of 2016 & started studying the SPS around October. I decided to join the Golf Week Amateur Tour (metro NY division) for the 2017 season.
In one of the tourneys, I shot my personal best score of 85 & took 3rd place in my handicap flight.

Can’t wait for Orlando in February, hope to see you there!

Bruce Herwig – Banning, CA

Qualification(s): Multiple Hole In Ones and Tournament Wins – 2017

In 2017 I shot:

4 holes in one, including a 17,000,000 to 1 odds back-to-back holes-in one. I now have 14 holes-in-one total and 13 of them are in the last 6 years.

1 eagle on a 506 yard par 5.

12 closest to the pin wins

In tournaments, I won:

3 1st low gross

5 1st low net

10 2nd low net

3 3rd low net

In addition, I won over 75% of my team matches in both the winter and summer team play.

My total winnings were $1,314.

I have been increasing my strength and flexibility exercises.As a result, at age 73, I still have the length as I did in my 40s but with many more aches and pains.

My average drive is 240 yards with 80+% in the fairway. My 9 iron is for 150 yards. My 7 iron is for 170 yards. My 60 degree wedge is for 105 yards. My 56 degree sand wedge is for 115 yards.

I am looking forward to another great year in 2018.

Happy new Year!

Steve Mackle – Temuka, New Zealand

Qualification(s): Club Championship – Oct. 1, 2017

Temuka Golf Club, in Temuka, NZ
Steve won his 2017 Club Championship in October.

Ken Byers – Kennewick, WA

Qualification(s): Hole In One – Sep. 17, 2017

Columbia Point Golf Course in Richland, WA
Today, September 17, 2017, I got my 3rd hole-in-one and 2nd since I started the SPS.  My first ace came in 2000 and my second came in 2009.
The course is Columbia Point Golf Course in Richland, WA.  The hole is #12 playing 158 yards.  My club was a 7 iron.

Jim Papritan – Viera, FL

Qualification(s): Hole In One – Sep. 2016

DURAN Golf Course, Viera FL

Hole #17, Par 3 playing 153 yards. Played down on a Taylormade #2 Hybrid

Rita Sigal – Santa Monica, CA

Qualification(s): Hole in One – Sep. 13, 2016

Hole Two (2) – 115 Yards – Seven (7) Iron in a Tournament!

Rick Johnson – Powell, OH

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score – Jul. 19, 2016

On July 19 I shot a score of 70 at the the Golf Club of Dublin. Hit 79% of fairways  made 34My previous best score ever was 74 I never believed I would be able to shoot a sub par round and in fact had a birdie put on 18 for a 69! One of my playing partners said it was the best most consistant rounds of ball striking he had ever seen me play. Thanks so much to GGA AND SINGLE PLANE!

Chuck Gillam – Bellevue, WA

Qualification(s): Tournament Win – Aug. 2016

Just wanted to drop a line (and a pic) to say thanks for providing the coaching, training videos and equipment I needed to do something I never dreamed possible until I started with GGA. I played in my first big tournament over the weekend (Member-Guest at The Plateau Club in Sammamish, WA). 54 two-man teams played 54 holes. The top teams in each flight then moved on to the “horse race”. I had no idea what I was in for. We had to hit our tee shots with all of the other teams standing there heckling us, then hit our approach shots, chips and putts with a couple of hundred people standing around the green cheering us on. It went on for 8 holes and we eventually won second place. The crystal trophy made a perfect beer mug for the rest of the night! Every pressure shot I hit (and there were many successful shots to get as far as we did) was possible because I had a repeatable, single-plane swing that I knew would get it done (if I could keep from completely folding under the pressure). Best golf moment of my life by a factor of 100. Thanks for everything!

Frank Metrusky – Stratford, CT

Qualification(s): Hole in One – Jul. 24, 2016

Sunday July 24, 2016 – 165 yard par 3 – Mil River Country Club Stratford, CT – Witnessed by his wife Delia Manjoney

Simon Neve – Surrey, United Kingdom

Qualification(s): Tournament Win – Mar. 14, 2016

Shot a gross 71 (-1) at the w/e to win the monthly stableford 41 pts – 134 entrants. Extract of card below, h’cap cert and competition result below – I was cut from 4.2 to 3.7 (UK costal links – windy, fast, dry conditions).

Lawrence Porter – Oswego, IL

Qualification(s): Hole in One, Prairie Landing Golf Club, West Chicago, IL – 2015

I can’t express how grateful I am to GGA for the assistance. In two years I improved 20 strokes to bogey golf and sometimes into the high 80’s. Yesterday I had my longest drive of 255 yds. (I’m 75 yrs. young). I am not a bad putter but I have improved my chipping and pitching already since starting the Short Course.  Got an Ace on #6 142 yd. par 3, at the same Prairie Landing course last fall. I love golf! ….. almost always.

Chris McDade – Calgary, AB, Canada

Qualification(s): Tournament Win – Playing Ability Test, May 2016

I just wanted to share my experience from this week. I was taking my Playing Ability Test here in Alberta and not only did I pass using my single plane swing but I finished as the medalist by 4 shots overall, shot the low round of the two days and my 68 on day one was my lowest ever competitive round and my first ever bogey free round!

Rick Carter – Maryville, OH

Qualification(s): Hole in On, Jun. 29, 2016

I made my first hole in one last night!!! Mound City Golf course Hole #5 180 yards, X2hot 4 hybrid!!!!

Dale Colangelo – Ridgecrest, CA

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score – Jul. 9, 2016

Well, I didn’t qualify for the US Senior Open, but I did just shoot my lowest round ever!  I shot a 67 today in our Saturday Skins Game, 6 birdies and one bogey, 34 going out and 33 coming home.  My previous low was 68 a couple of years ago, not a bad week turned 53 on July 2nd and shot my low round a few days later.

Tim Grogan – Santa Fe, NM

Qualification(s): Hole in On, Feb. 10, 2016

Just wanted to let GGA know that I had a hole in one on Feb 10th with my GGA clubs: 168 yd 5-iron into a brisk cold wind on #14, Marty Sanchez Golf Course in Santa Fe. Second in my career – 1st was in 1988 at Wiesbaden, Gernany.

Bob Kitchen – Millerton, NY

Qualification(s): Shoot your Age, 2016

  I had a great day. Shot my age, 85. Have been playing better since my alumni day!

Lawrence Porter – Oswego, IL

Qualification(s): Hole in One, 2015

I got an Ace on #6 142 yd. par 3, at the same Prairie Landing course last fall. I love golf! ….. almost always.

Gail Austin – Short Hills, NJ

Qualification(s): Most Improved Female Golfer, 2015

I wanted to let you know that I was the most improved woman golfer at the Basking Ridge Country Club (NJ) this year.  Thanks to your team for all their help!

Gaetan Boulanger – Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Qualification(s): Personal Best Score – 75

In July, two weeks after completing the Build your game Camp, I played my only round of golf of the summer and shot a 75, my best ever !

John McInerny – Las Vegas, NV

Qualification(s): Hole in One, Nov. 7, 2015 – Paiute Golf Course

I am 60 years old and haven’t improved very much in 30 years since reading Ben Hogan’s book which helped me a lot at the time.

I signed up for the ebook and videos and thought it was time to change my swing. I’ve since bought the ball position unit and put together the PVC to practice.

About 2 weeks ago, I signed up for your online school and have been taking my time watching the videos and practicing my new setup and swing.

In the short amount of time, I’m hitting better shots and better misses and dropped a few strokes in my school.

Here’s the kicker. I got my first hole in one last Saturday at Paiute Golf course in Nevada. Probably a little lucky, but I did strike the ball well and have to believe it had something to do with Moe Norman!


Gary Scherer – Davenport, IA

Qualification(s): Hole in One – Oct. 7, 2015 – Twin Pines Golf Course, Cedar Rapids, IA

Gary carded a hole in one on the 168 yard, Par 3 12th Hole at Twin Pines with a 5 iron!

Richard Rackers – Jefferson City, MO

Qualification(s): Handicap Reduction of 50%

Richard attended a 3 day Premier school in May of 2015 and has reduced his handicap from a 16 to an 8 currently (November 2015).

Dale Colangelo – Ridgecrest, CA

Qualification(s): Hole in One – #8 of China Lake Golf Club – August 23, 2015

I aced Hole #8 at the China Lake Golf Club on 23 Aug (my wife’s birthday!).  I’ve been working on the single plane swing with GGA now for about 2 years.  I began the process with an index of 1.8 as I went through the lessons and videos I went up to about a 5 for a while, but stuck with it.  I’m now at 1.5, my lowest ever and just hit my first HIO after 44 years of playing golf.  Needless to say I was very happy.  I also recently carded a 69, one shot off my lowest ever so I’m definitely tracking in the right direction.


Russ Porter – Lakeville, NB, Canada

Qualification(s): Hole in One – #10 of Lakeside Golf & Country Club, Lakeville, NB, Canada

I made a verified hole in one at my home course, Lakeside Golf and Country Club in Lakeville, N.B.  Canada.  I hit a baby draw 9 iron from 135yds using the Single Plane method and it landed 2 feet from the hole and one-hopped in!  It’s my first ever but I truly believe that it would never have happened if I wasn’t using the Single Plane Swing.  My accuracy and distance has increased immensely since adopting the method and I want to thank all at the Graves Academy for putting out such great instruction for us golfers to learn!  I attached a photo of me with the ball, the commemorative bag tag the club gave to me to mark the event plus the newspaper clipping of the ace for your consideration.

Robert Roussin – Saint Louis, MO

Qualification(s): Hole in One -2010 & 2015, Personal Best Score – 76, Shoot Your Age – 76

I have been to 3 GGA schools since have 2009 and try to use the Moe Norman single plane approach. I’ve never achieved a consistent ability to shoot low scores and maintain a low handicap.  In 2010 I got a hole-in-one. In 2013, I got low net score in my age bracket in a tournament. Last year I shot a 77 in our weekly Metro St. Louis Seniors Golf Association (my personal best).

Last Tuesday, October 6th, 2015,  I played a round in which my score was 76 ( my age), my personal best, and I had a hole-in-one.


Robert Laughlin – Union Bridge, MD

Qualification(s): Hole in One – #5 of Manor Country Club, Rockville, MD – June 15, 2015

I hit the hole in one on #5 during a tournament calls the “Italian American Open”.  The ace was attested by the 3 members of my foursome, and I won an all expense paid trip to Tree Top Golf Course.

Mal Nattrass – Regina, SK, Canada

Qualification(s): Hole in One – #8 of Wascana Golf & Country Club, Regina, SK, Canada

I am happy to tell you that at 70 years of age, I checked off one of the biggest items on my bucket list on June 9th, 2015. A hole in one on our 8th hole at my home course, the Wascana Golf and Country Club in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It was playing 174 yards from the white tees. I hit a 7 iron (tail wind) and it landed 15 feet short and ran straight in.

Robert Jarrett – Tampa, FL

Qualification(s): Hole in One – #15 of Cheval Golf & Athletic Club, Tampa, FL

Douglas Allston – Silver Spring, MD

Qualification(s): Club Championship – 7th time

Just thought I would pass along that in July I won the Leisure World of Maryland Club Championship for the 7th straight year and the ninth time in 12 years using the single plane swing.

Bruce Burton – Leesburg, VA

Qualification(s): Hole in One – #12 of Raven Golf Course at Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort

Hope things are going well. If you recall I attended your golf academy from 4-9 March of this year and really enjoyed the training. Just writing to let you know that today I had a hole in one on the 12th hole of the Raven course at the Sandestin Golf and beach resort. It was a short par 3 of 100 yards and I used a sand wedge for my hole in one. The Moe Norman swing is coming along nicely and I am sure if I stick to the Moe Norman/Single plane swing I will have many more.

Mac McInteer – Minneola, KS

Qualification(s): Hole in One, May 15, 2015 – #2 of Ashland Golf Course, Ashland, KS

I live in a small town in SW Kansas, Minneola.

I’ve been playing SP for over 20 years, dating back to 1991, as best I can remember.  I’m 68 years old and carry a 10 handicap w/ over 150 rounds per year played on many different golf courses in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Colorado.
Last Friday, 5/15/15, while playing at Ashland Golf Course, Ashland, Kansas, I hit my 8th career hole-in-one on the #2 hole, a 135 yard par 3 w/ a pitching wedge.
The shot was witnessed by my three playing partners:  Jesse Stebens, Don Cox, and Gary Fisher.
Ashland is a 3200 yard nine-holer and we went around it 3 times that day.
The second time around I made a birdie 2 w/ a similar shot as the first time.
The third time resulted in a par 3 w/ a two-putt from about 20 feet.
Not too bad for an “old fart”…3 under on that hole and shot 39 on all three rounds.
May not be hall of fame material, but made me happy…and a few bucks to boot!


Dave Briggs – Ravenna, OH

Qualification(s): Hole in One, May 4, 2015 – #12 of Fox Den Golf Course

I was playing with 2 younger gentleman that day, and played from the White tees as opposed to the Sr. tees to save time. My front 9 didn’t go well, but on #12, a 193 yard par 3, I pulled my 5 wood and hit the straightest shot I’d hit all day. The ball hit on the front of the green and rolled straight in the cup for my first ACE at age 77!

Court Koontz – Corrales, NM

Qualification(s): Hole in One, Nov. 2014

I had a serious injury to my left wrist in August and am just now getting back to playing regularly.  Since I last saw you guys, Nov 2013, I got my handicap down to  5 and shot a 69.  I had a hole in one couple weeks ago; 157 yards, seven iron (Tamaya #6).  For the record,  the only golf instruction I have ever had is with you or Todd and the single plane swing.

George Schuyler – Billings, MT


Qualification(s): Club Championship, Aug. 2014

How many players have won a club championship at age 90?
Well, I did at the Par 3 city golf club,  Billings, Montana in August, 2014.
This was an annual senior event  and with 46 competing.  I won by one stroke.
I took a Natural Golf lesson in Texas in 2006 and played with this for awhile, but gradually got into a finger grip again.
However, last year I realized I needed to switch back to single pl;ane and I began to accumulate the videos from Todd Graves.
Just makes sense.  So, I began to work at these positions and had some fun doing this.  The PVC pipe really has helped.
I have won this event a few times before, the last time was 2008.
So, it is something of a miracle to win again six years later and I feel very fortunate to have accomplished this.  Winning is fun and I really have to thank the Graves folks for making this possible.



Ed Harper – Idaho Falls, ID


Qualification(s): Hole in One, 2003 & 2009, Handicap Reduction,

My first Hole in One was in 2003 and second was in 2009 in a tournament.
I also carded a Double Eagle in 1998.
All of these feats were due to my using the single plane swing which I started after reading about Moe Norman in Golf Digest in 1995.
I have also reduced my handicap by 40% since attending the GGA School in 2011 in Edmund OK and is now lower than when I was a young man.


Gary Broering – St. Henry, OH

GaryB Qualification(s): Club Championship, Aug. 2014

Gary finished first in the 3rd flight of his Club Championship with scores 79-88 the weekend of August 15, 2014.


Steve Moran – Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

Qualification(s): Hole in One & Personal Best Score in the Same Round – August 7, 2014

I shot the lowest round of my career, 87, which with my 28 handicap, resulted in a net 59.  On the way to that, I scored my first ever hole in one!  Although I must confess that I was more thrilled with the bird on # 8, which required a 15 ft. down hill, right to left breaking putt.  As this was the honey pot for the day it also netted me $63!!.  I’ve been working with the single plane swing since 2004.


Gordon Honganen – Kerrville, TX

Qualification(s): Hole in One, August 30, 2014, Riverhill Country Club, Kerrville, TX

Gordon scored a Hole in One on Hole #7 at the Riverhill Country Club in Kerrville, TX.  The hole was 128 yards, and 6 iron due to soft greens and aced it!

Steve Biren – Chappaqua, NY

Qualification(s): Hole in One, June 6, 2013, Pleasantville Country Club, Personal Best Score

I am now 70 years old, with many of the ailments that accompany that age, and have shrunken to 5’2″ due to spinal degeneration, yet last year shot a hole-in-one (June 6, 2013, Pleasantville Country Club, Hole 7, 111 yards, 7 iron).and a 35 for 9 holes that day (par 32).  My personal-best 18 hole score was 83, after playing only 5 years, and I have also shot an eagle on a par-4 hole at Lake Isle Country Club.
As an ex-engineer and patent attorney, I like the science and logic behind Single Axis Golf, and also like the fact that it completely cured my slice.  I now hit the ball dead straight most of the time, and have had some success with shaping shots when needed.  I hit just as long (short) with SA golf as I did with CG, but with much more control.  Now if I could only get younger and taller, the sky would be the limit!


Harry Furlong – Texas

Qualification(s): Hole in One, December 22, 2012, Sherrill Park Golf Course #2

Accompanying Harry were fellow golfers, Kit Miller & Jeff Choo. It occurred on the Signature Hole of the course number 16 and was from 123 yards with an 8 Iron manufactured by Callaway / Natural Golf. Harry’s first hole in one occurred 23 January 2000 on Course Number two at the 12th hole and was from 146 yards with a 6 Iron manufactured by Natural Golf

Larry Twardzak – West Virginia

Qualification(s): Hole in One, July 12, 2014, Tygart Lake Golf Course, Grafton, WV

HOLE INFO: Number 10, 145 yards with an Adams 7 hybrid iron.
This is my second hole-in-one. The other was at the Berlin Golf and Country Club in Berlin, Germany in 1973, while I was stationed there with the USAF.
And, yes, the SPS has helped me make consistent, great contact with all my clubs. My regular foursome members have noted and mentioned how much better I am striking the ball. I especially like it when they say: “Good shot! Another one down the middle!”

Steve Clay – Akron, Ohio

GOLF CHAMP Qualification(s): Hole in One, May 11, 2011, 2 Tournament Wins

Steve won the Pine Hills Invitational Sr. Hogan Flight and The Rubber City Open Sr. Hogan Division, in addition to carding a Hole in One using the Single Plane swing.

Gerry Ceclich – United Kingdom

Qualification(s): Tournament Win

On June 21st, I won our 36 hole Club Championship.  No way I could have done that before I came to the GGA school!

Keith Remmich – Corpus Christi , Texas

Qualification(s): Hole in One, June 14th, 2014, Tournament Win

In Nov, 2013 I won our Golf Association Club Championship Tournament shooting 72.  My handicap being between 9 and 10, there were many guys better than me and it felt great to accomplish that feat.  On Saturday, Jun 14, 2014 I got my first Ace on Hole #13, measuring that day 162 yds at Oso Beach Municipal Golf Course in Corpus Christi, TX using a 5 iron, hitting into a 20 plus mph wind.  What made it even better, it was during our City Matchplay Tournament and groups had stacked up so there were seven guys standing on the tee box witnessing the Hole In One.  The day was bittersweet though,  I lost my match 4 & 3 but will take an Ace any day over losing the match.  I’ll be back next year.   Since switching to the Single Plane Swing I’m more consistent and look forward to having my handicap drop.

David Erb – Grand Cayman, Bahamas

 Dave_Erb Qualification(s): Hole in One, May 27th, 2014, North Sound Club Grand Cayman

Date was May 27th, 2014, at North Sound Club Grand Cayman.
Hole Number 5 – 160 yard shot by scope – Ball was a Bridgestone e6 – Club was 4 Iron
25 mph Cross wind

Bruce Herwig – Banning, CA

Qualification(s): 7 Holes in One, 5 starting Jan. 28, 2014, the 5th coming on Apr. 11, 2014

My hole in one streak all started with a hole in one on January 28, 2014 and 10 weeks and three days later, I got my fifth one. Someone said this may be a Guinness world record. I am still amazed every time the tee shot goes into the hole!

Have I benefited from Graves Academy or what! Thanks to all at Graves Academy who helped change my swing so this is possible and to God who obviously has been smiling on me and who has been gracious to me.

Michelle Lewis – Strathroy, ON, Canada

Michell_Lewis Qualification(s): Tournament Win – Inter-City Women’s Golf Association of Southern Texas

I recently won “Low Net of the Field” At a tournament in Corpus Christi Texas on March 12, 2014.   The tournament was sponsored by the “Inter-City Women’s Golf Association” of Southern Texas.  The tournament took place at the “Corpus Christi Country Club”

I started golfing November 2012 at the age of 64 after repeated cajoling from friends who were golfers.  I am 65 years old and this is my first individual win.   I have previously played on a team where we won a Scotch Foursome Tournament at River Hills Country Club in Calallen Texas.

During the summer of 2013, I converted my golfing style to the “Single Plane Swing” after ordering DVDs from Graves Golf Academy.

Greg Pehrson – Waconia, MN

Gary Pehron Qualification(s): 3 Tournament Wins, Personal best score under par in tournament round, Reduced Handicap from 9.1 to 5.4

Matt Ross – London, Ont, Canada

Qualification(s): 2 Hole in One’s, 15+ tournament wins

I have had 2 hole in one’s , Shot 29 – 3 times, Shot 65 – 2 times, Won over 15+ tournaments (amateur and Professional),
Have held 2 course records (18 holes), 1 (9 hole) course record, Most recent Won qualifier for Ontario Men’s Mid-amateur, Finished 27th in championship, and have beaten Ron Cruickshank twice.

 Larry Dalton – Colorado Springs, CO

Qualification(s):  Hole in One – July 10, 2009

Larry attended a school in the spring of 2006 in OK. I really enjoyed the school and have purchased clubs and videos since. On July 10, 2009, I had my only Hole in One at Springs Ranch Golf Club in Colorado Springs, CO. It was on the Par 3 8th hole, 143 yards using an 8 iron. Attached you will find a copy of the scorecard duly witnessed by Barbara Edwards. I have included a picture for your records as well.

John Spark – Albany, WA, Australia

Qualification: Hole in One

After failing to complete the necessary online paperwork to earn $10,000 for hitting a hole in one, John promptly goes out and hit an ace!  The registration was still open on his computer, but uncompleted!!

Taunia Bozarth – Seiling, OK

Qualification: Hole in One, Club Championship

Just a note to let you know that on September 25th, 2013 I made my First Hole in One while on a golf vacation with my Husband Rick at Pendaries Golf Course in New Mexico. It was the #12 hole, Par 3, 113 yards. To make the Hole in One I used my custom fitted Callaway RAZR X HL #5 Hybird. This was an elevated hole, so I could watch the ball roll into the hole. I want to thank you and the Graves staff (Scott, Trent and Clay) for helping me accomplish this feat. I have taken two of your three day courses, the last this past May 3-5 in Edmond. Without the patience and guidance from you and your Staff, I would not be playing golf today. I came to my first Graves Golf School several years ago with little golf skills and the frustration of zig zagging the ball down the fairway. Today, I hit straight down the middle of the fairway, thanks to the single plane swing. Your team put the “Fun” back into golfing for me. Attached is a picture of me the day of my Ace. Another Golf note, I won the ladies “over 50” Club Championship in October at our Golf Club. All in all, it has been a good golf year after being out for most of 2012 with a broken wrist. Also Pic of me with Club Championship trophy.

Leo Washington – Watauga, TX

Qualifications: Tournament Win

Hello my name is Leo and I have been a customer if yours since 2011. I started attempting to use the single plane and I went back to take “lessons” at EW golf academy in Southlake tx. When I came in with some sort of single plane swing they were like nooooo all wrong. I said ok well teach me. Toooo many $$$ later their method did not work for me & it seemed as if they kept giving me a band aid for my game (meaning I thought I could take that to the course) so I decided to join the Golf channel am tour for a little more competition and comradery. Little more challenging that I thought and I was already a 20+ handicapper. Things got worse and it killed my confidence. I stopped taking lessons and stopped competing because I don’t like to waste time. So I went back to my Graves videos featuring Moe Norman. I got the Moe notebook last week and I didn’t get a chance to view the entire DVD and since I paid my money for the year for the GCAMTOUR I decided what the heck and play my last tournament. I started watching the notebook off and on in my spare time this week & light bulbs went off in my head when I saw Todd’s notes. So it started raining a couple of days ago in Fort Worth and the temp dropped 40 degrees (smh). I found myself watching the DVD again last night and didn’t put it down until 2 am and had to be at the tourney at 7:30 am. When Moe said play with an attitude of indifference I was like bingo! When I watched Todd demonstrate at the end about impact, bingo! I went to the tourney today mimicking what I saw Moe & Todd do in my vision & played with an attitude of indifference. 30 degree temp, wind chill made it feel like it was 20, windy, and we from two days of continuous rain and my playing partners were amazed. I could feel them looking at my setup like what the heck and when they saw the ball fly down the middle of the fairway, they were amazed. Remember I am a 20+ handicapper and was use to finishing dead last in these tournaments. I won my flight by 6 strokes and I won the overall tournament championship trophy. In the fairway was a lot easier striking the ball vs some of the other places that my playing partners were hitting from. One guy said “you just flat out beat us today. Another said “why couldn’t I just do what he did all day.” I thought to myself, attitude of indifference, a great set up for greatness, and single plane swing on every shot. Thank you Graves Golf Academy to your entire staff. I can only get better at this point. Thank you.

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