Great Testimonial from our March 6-8th school

We received a great testimonial from our school that just ended here in Orlando on the 8th.

Paul D. writes,

“Hi Scott,

I am sending a quick note to say thank you and that it was great meeting you, Todd and Tim last week. I really enjoyed the school. This was truly the best golf experience I have ever had and I learned more in the 3 days than I have in the last 12 years. I finally have a process that makes sense and I plan on following it as long as I can play golf.

I was on the website and looking at the Internet Golf Academy. When I scrolled down, the person in the “before and after picture” looked very familiar :). I am very flattered that you put it on the website. Todd has made me a big believer in using video. It has been very helpful looking at the video from the school that Todd analyzed. I am practicing everything I learned and will be using the internet golf academy to send in videos of my swing for more analysis.

Give a big “Thank You” to Tim and Todd.”



Thanks, Paul, it was our pleasure to meet and work with you last weekend, and GOOD work on your swing and game. Best of luck in that tourney in April!


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