Graves Golfer Loses 57 Pounds in 11 Weeks?

Going for the flag in a pressure situation means you’ve got GUTS.


On the other hand, having to buy a new, BIGGER belt…

That simply means you have A GUT.

Not good for you or your golf game, and with Golf Season just around the corner…
fear not, because I just happen to know the Go To Weight Loss Guy for PGA and LPGA Tour Players, as well as Pros and Amateur Golfers from 22 countries.

He’s also MY Secret Weapon for Weight Loss. He got me out of the Fat Trap and back into shape, and I know he can do the same for you.

His name is Larry Jacobs and he helped NBC Golf Announcer Roger Maltbie lose 30 pounds in 2 months AND Roger’s success with Larry’s Weight Loss and Fat Burning Program was written up in a full page article in Golf Digest.

You can hear Roger’s thoughts on this right now, as his voice welcomes you to Larry’s website. Larry’s upcoming Weight Loss for Golfers Seminar Series starts Wednesday, February 16th and is filling up fast, so NOW is a good time to check it outYou can check it out HERE.

Larry’s simple promise is, that he can take YOU from being a Fat STORER to a Fat BURNER in 2 weeks or Less, without Dieting, Counting Calories, or Starving.


And he’s done just that with GGA Alumni Mike Speed. 
GGA Alumni
 Mike Speed started on Larry’s Weight Loss for Golfers program on November 20, 2010, and just informed Larry that to date, he’s down 57 pounds in 11 weeks. (Mike got it all going during the holidays which is usually a time we all GAIN Weight. (if that tells you something)  Congratulations- Way to Go Mike!

Mike said, “I am glad that I signed up with Larry. He is very prompt answering email and provides a lot of encouragement along the way. To date I have lost 57 pounds and I am feeling very good. I receive a lot of compliments from my family and people that work out with me. I recently completed a physical with my doctor and received very good news with all of my counts.”

-LPGA Superstar and NBC Golf Announcer Dottie Pepper shrunk 2 sizes in 6 weeks. (you’ll hear about it in Dottie’s own words on Larry’s website)

-Thousands of Out-of-Shape Golfers in 22 countries have burned up fat, lost weight and gotten Back into Shape and had plenty to eat while doing so on Larry’s program.


In an effort to get everyone off to a good start…
I’ve asked Larry to include brief article below.



Take it away Larry…



How to Drink some of your Fat Away Before Golf Season Starts

Several years ago (in late January before golf season), I met an overweight golfer who was desperate.  He loved to play golf, was pretty good at it, but was having trouble with his swing due to his “enormous” size.

“Is there anything simple I can do to start dropping some of this weight before golf season starts? I’m barely 5 foot 6 and well over 200 pounds now.”

Since he hadn’t officially become a client and started my Weight Loss for Golfers Program yet, I simply asked, “How much water do you drink?”

“Maybe a few glasses per day,” he said. That’s not near enough. Based on your weight you need to work up to drinking at least 12 cups per day. Just fill a water bottle up and drink it in the morning and afternoon, and repeat throughout your day until a few hours before bed. Then let me know how it goes.”

Long story short… within a few weeks he had dropped an entire clothes size! By the time golf season started, he was physically smaller and able to hit the ball better.

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “Can drinking water really do that? Can you lose some weight just by drinking more water?”

And the answer is YES!

The fact is– most of us are not well hydrated, even if we THINK we are. And many of us habitually EAT when we actually are not really hungry but just need to DRINK more.

Here’s why:

The recommended formula for optimal fluid intake in a nutshell is…to consume half your weight in ounces of water per day. In other words, if you are 200 pounds…slowly work up to 100 oz. of water per day. (That’s a little over 12 cups a day — just like what I advised the man above to do).

And just keep adjusting up or down based on your weight. Maybe that seems like a lot of water to drink. Which is why I always try and get ahead of the game each day by drinking 2 big glasses of water upon rising each morning (that’s about three cups). I then make it a point to drink a glass or 2 in between meals and snacks, too.

(Yes urination will increase initially, just take it slow and don’t worry about it, it’s good to get those fat-causing toxins out of your body anyway.)

And whatever you do, do NOT weigh yourself. Always measure, instead.


Because one of the reasons getting on the scale is a dead end (in my opinion) is: a couple of cups of water weighs approximately 1 pound. So as you hydrate yourself, your
weight fluctuates. Mine, for example, fluctuates during the day between 162 and 169 pounds, and sometimes even higher depending on when I drank or urinated last.

That’s why size, body fat percentage and how your clothes fit is a much better indicator of how you are doing.

So here’s the bottom line:

  1. If you want to start to lose some weight and size, drink more water, work up to 50% of your body weight in ounces. If you currently don’t drink very much, I always recommend working up slowly to your goal amount.
  2. Don’t weigh yourself, if your clothes are fitting better, than you are on the right track.

Do those two things and you’re off to a good start with your weight and your ability to make a good swing.

Here’s one more important thing…

A good tip for picking a weight loss goal is this…
1. What size clothes are you currently wearing?
2. What size clothes would you like to be wearing?

Why size and not pounds?

Because Fat and Weight Loss Success is about getting smaller and getting fit, going from a size 18+ to a 10 or from a 12 to a 6 (for a woman) Or from a 44+ waist to a 38 or from a 39 waist to a 34 or 36 (for a man) Whatever your numbers are it’s all relative.

So how would it really be for YOU to be quite a bit smaller, lighter, more fit and energetic than you are today?

Think about it, if you could just comfortably fit into the size clothes you’d like to wear, you felt better, and your doctor, family and friends took notice…and you liked the way you look in the mirror, wouldn’t that do it for you?

Back to you Todd…




This is just 1 of the many tips you’ll learn in Larry’s Get out of the Fat Trap Tele-Seminar Series that starts on Wed. Feb. 16th. I suggest you Get Registered at 1/2 Price and Expect Results!

A wise man once told me an investment in your health is never an expense.

Larry’s healthy Fat Burning and Weight Loss strategies along with some easy to do sensible physical activity did it for me and I know he’ll do it for you too. He knocked 20 pounds off of me and most people didn’t even think I needed to lose any weight at the time. But I did.

If you would like to lose those extra pounds, get healthier, and get the best golf out of your body–Larry’s your man. I give Larry Jacobs and his Weight Loss for Golfers Tele-Seminar Program my highest recommendation!

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Thin to Win,

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