Graves Golf Challenge #1

Are you up to the Challenge?

Starting this newsletter – we are going to give some challenges (fun ways to practice and monitor, set goals, determine where your game is according to the challenges..)

The first challenge:


To see the challenge:  CLICK HERE

We ask when you are working on the challenge, complete the challenge or just want to comment about the challenge, please do so on our Graves Golf Facebook page:  CLICK HERE – FACEBOOK PAGE


6 thoughts to “Graves Golf Challenge #1”


    Guaranteed to lower your handicap SIGNIFICANTLY – especially as you improve this score again and again and again……!

  2. Well Tim,

    Ya can say the challenge is 10,
    but the moment you gave us YOUR numbers
    That challenge changed to 37 for everyone.
    Getting out to the chipping green now to go after it.

  3. 30 this year now….

    Been busting “bootie” on the short game the past few weeks now that playing a few tournaments and tournament season has begun…

    All time total still the same…. but gonna fall !!

    Have fun – this challenge will improve your scoring part of the game beyond your imagination…. just watch!!

  4. I will definitely be looking to go for a higher number than 11 and look forward to see how I can perform around the green when I play next. Looking forward to the next challenge.

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