Graves Golf JULY Challenge

Are you up to the Challenge?

Starting this newsletter – we are going to give some challenges (fun ways to practice and monitor, set goals, determine where your game is according to the challenges..)

The first challenge:


To see the challenge:  CLICK HERE

We ask when you are working on the challenge, complete the challenge or just want to comment about the challenge, please do so on our Graves Golf Facebook page:  CLICK HERE – FACEBOOK PAGE


2 thoughts to “Graves Golf JULY Challenge”

  1. I do this now, several times a week. I throw out 5 balls, hitting each from where it lies. I count the number times I get down in 2 from off the green. This challenge has a steep slope coming off the green which I must chip over. I’ve gotten to where I can get down in 2 from beneath that slope for 60 percent of the time. The rest of my game is still pathetic.

    1. That is great Harry! We hope to be able to help you with the rest of your game!

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