Go All In – Advice from a Graves Golf Member

Hi Fellow GGA followers.

Months into this program.

Was thoroughly lost and overwhelmed at first.

I used to golf regularly once a week about ten years ago.

I was playing in the low to mid 80’s.

Then I got into something else that took a ton of my time and loved it.

I golfed maybe ten times the next ten years…

Just re energized my mind to really get after this great game.

I started playing and was shocked at how poorly I now play, rather embarrassing…

I began buying clubs, specialty drivers, and rail Hybrids etc.

Than this academy reared it’s lovely head!

I purchased a hitting mat and net and am now immersing myself into this.

Everything Tim and Todd and those at the academy speak and preach rings true!

But the only caveat is…

You GOTTA do the drills, send in the video’s, trust the recipe!

They give you the recipe. Are you doggedly not putting in a certain ingredient?

Are you adding other ingredients?

You will come away with a different product.

So, I nervously went out yesterday to play my first round with my new Callaway irons, hybrids and driver…

I only wanted to play with my best golf buddy cuz I didn’t want the added pressure of others watching me …Of course the course people added another twosome to our group…

I gotta say, when I got my mind off the ball, and actually swung the club properly with lead knee flex, proper tilt, and torso rotation around my trail leg… I launched some awesome drives.

I hit the hybrids totally awesome, putting one shot from about 180 to six feet from the pin with the 4 hybrid.


What is helping the most as far as drills is the impact bag drill where it is placed inside my trail leg and I keep it gently against my trail leg as I bring the club back.

Upon the downswing, the trail leg and knee crush the bag as you move into (Transition) your lead leg flexed knee.

I realized immediately that I wasn’t getting to a flexed lead knee, even though I was trying very hard to do just that!

Old habits are hard to break….

Beginning is half done.

As the round progressed I began to let go of the fact that others were watching and get to a flexed lead knee.

What a difference.

I launched three drives about 260 up the gut, and the hybrids were mashed straight as arrows.

I think the lining up the club face at address with an intermediate target, then my feet was the key to that!

I only lost one ball and that was on the 18th hole, a par 5 with water down the right side.

I mashed the drive but took a dangerous angle and paid the price as the ball faded about 5-10 yards.

Because of a stellar hybrid shot, I still had a par putt of 35 feet on punched greens.

I made a bogey and shot 86.

Finally…. my recommendation for you – 


Tim Flynn

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I loved what you wrote and can identify with it. Letting go and being free to find our feeling of greatness is so key. “Playing from the Heart with the one plane foundation is so big! Outstanding!
    Gratitude 🙏

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