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What is the Single Plane Inner Circle and Why should you join?

By: Shawn Linfoot, GGA Inner Circle Manager

The Single Plane Inner Circle is for golfers who yearn for additional single plane golf instruction.

Our Most Popular Member Benefit is the Exclusive Live Training Webinars.

During these webinars, Tim and Todd Graves break down the mechanics behind the Single Plane Swing adjustment. They explain exactly how to apply it within seconds so you can try it out the same day.

Tim and Todd also demonstrate what they discuss so you can see the correct swing positions and practice them yourself.

Here’s an example of just part of one webinar:


Reasons why we created the Inner Circle and why you should join.

Todd and Tim formed the Inner Circle for two main reasons:

  1. To provide a continuous and updated collection of the latest cutting-edge training, feedback, and instruction for mastering Moe Norman’s “Feeling of Greatness” golf swing. And
  2. To provide a growing community for single plane golfers who want to share and inspire each other to take their golf game to its highest potential.

Here’s why you should join:

The Benefits

Exclusive Video Content Live Training Webinars

Downloadable Webinar Archives Moe Norman Video Archive

Seven Principles of Golf Fundamentals

Caddie Clips Fitness & Exercise

Moe vs. the Pros Before & After Swing Analysis

Private Facebook Group Single Plane Golfer Magazine

First Look Exclusive offers and discounts

Inner Circle Rewards Program Todd’s Tips – Weekly

Everything on the password-protected website is geared toward turning you into a ball-striking machine that would make Moe Norman proud.

Here’s a recent remark posted in the private Inner Circle Facebook Group:

“I’ve been practicing the single plane swing for about two years. I first bought the book just to get interested in the swing to help my back issues. This past winter and spring I practiced the swing positions and movements. I wanted to have some muscle memory instilled so it just wouldn’t feel new when I did go out and finally hits some balls. I finally made it out this past week to the driving range. For the first time in many years, my back didn’t hurt the next day. After hitting through a medium bucket on my second time out, I finally felt “The Feeling of Greatness.” The sound and crispness I heard and felt hitting the balls are like nothing I’ve ever felt.

I just wanted to say thanks to Tim Graves and Todd Graves and Graves Golf Academy for putting out the ad I saw to get me interested in the Single Plane Swing. It has helped my back issues and will improve my golf game for years to come.”

Are you ready to get started?

Here’s the link to Join NOW and get immediate access to the Inner Circle website and begin your journey to a Single Plane Swing.


Here’s the link if you need a little more information and explanation with sample videos.

Use promo code: SAVE50 at checkout and save $50 OFF of your annual membership right NOW.

We look forward to seeing YOU… at the Inner Circle.

If you need more information, have questions, or need anything else, please fill out and submit:

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