GGA 5 Day Alumni Camp – Clubs that Fit

Tim Teaching Camp

Great to see all of the alumni working on Swinging Like Moe. This is what we (GGA) enjoy and seeing how others improve and keep working at their golf swings is fun. I only wish that we could see these students more often. Having seen some of the issues over the past year, especially some of our alumni, I wanted to mention some of the main issues we see as instructors.

The one we see so often is this:

1) Clubs that are too long and upright.

This is a huge problem. Here’s why.

When you hold the club in the fingers of the lead hand (CORRECTLY), it creates a perfect relationship between the radius bone and the arm. Yes, I said fingers of the lead hand. This is your left hand if you are a right handed golfer and your right hand if you are a left-handed golfer.

I call this the “perfect” angle between the lead arm and the club because this is the angle that forms at impact. Since the lead arm is straight at impact, the club aligns with this arm and you are “forced” to deal with this angle.

Now, here is the fine print. This angle formed by the club and the lead arm must intersect the spine at the Mid-spine-intersect™ point. ( I discuss this on the site).

Why? Because of biomechanics. You simply can’t help it due to this angle between the lead arm and club.

Now, here is the problem. If the club is too long, you will find that you can’t form this perfect angle. Why? because there is not enough room for the club to fit between you and the ball. So what happens? You stand up and move away from the ball. In other words, you stand up because the club is too long.

You see, the club, if incorrectly fit, is affecting your ability to swing the golf club. To compound the problem, if the club lie angle is too upright, the problem gets even worse.

I don’t care if you go buy clubs from Academy Sports or Walmart but they must fit you correctly if you are going to have a chance to improve and stop fighting your equipment.

By the way, Moe’s golf clubs were not long an upright. As a matter of fact, the clubs he gave me were flat (3 degrees). If he was ever given a club that was too long or too upright, he would choke down on the club to modify the club length. Why? So that it did not disrupt the “perfect” angle.

Make sure your clubs fit before you get into this golf season – PLEASE! If you want to, fill out our Free Club-fitting form and Tim will help you get the measurements you need.

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