No better time than the end of the year to talk about this year in review.

Every year we try to update, improve, create, etc. new/improved instructional material, training aids, ways to get out instruction to more in order to help our students. Reason – every day we learn from teaching our students – learn ways to help shorten the process of improvement.

Here is what we introduced in 2014:

New Training Products introduced in 2014:


Perfect Impact Trainer

Introduced in August:

The Perfect Impact Training Club gives you visual feedback on whether you achieved the ideal club and shaft position at address. Then, as you practice, you will get instant kinesthetic feedback that you have the perfect shaft angle at the most important moment of the golf swing – impact.

The Perfect Impact Training Club teaches you the proper shaft angle at address and the ideal compression shaft angle at impact.

The Perfect Impact Training Club, with its unique shaft and club head design is everything you want in a practice trainer teaching you visually and kinesthetically giving you instant feedback every time you practice.

The Trainer teaches both ideal shaft angle at address and impact.

Designed to achieve the proper Shaft lean forward at impact.

Club shaft visually indicates the proper shaft angle at address.

Clubface is designed to provide instant feedback on proper impact.

Reverse loft below impact zone of club

Promotes the ideal compression angle at ball-impact

Teaches you how to positively hit down on the golf ball and deliver the sweet spot of the club to the ball creating a perfect impact

Lower impact line disappears with proper shaft angle at address.

6 Iron models available – Includes the GGA “Single Plane” Grip to indicate proper hand position and pressure points

Video on how to use Perfect Impact Training Club:  CLICK HERE


Hand Speed Trainer

Hand Speed Trainer

Hand Speed Trainers

Introduced in September:

The Hand Speed Trainer was introduced as a training aid to help students increase/maintain club head speed. The Hand Speed Trainer™ is specifically designed for athletes in virtually every sports arena to functionally train for maximum increases in Speed, Power and Performance. Functional training involves work against resistance so that improvements in strength directly enhance the performance of the athlete’s sport specific required movements.

The HST™ allows you to move at your own pace against resistance that is functional for you, allowing you to challenge your muscles as your training routine becomes easier to perform. Functional training involves small increases in resistance to sport specific muscle groups. Start small, increase slow and watch your game reach new levels!

Video on how to use Hand Speed Trainers: CLICK HERE



GGA MAGAZINE – Single Plane Golfer

First issue was sent in July, fourth going out this week.

Every issue of the Single Plane Golfer is packed with new, cutting-edge instruction, actionable tips you can try out at the range. Get to know Moe Norman with insightful commentaries and little-known stories from the people who knew him best. We’ll even feature inspiring student profiles to keep you motivated.

More information:  CLICK HERE




In 2014, we introduced the Single Plane Experience schools in Palm Desert, Orlando and now in Phoenix, AZ.

These one day schools are a great way to introduce a student to the Single Plane Swing.

During this golf school we completely immerse you in the fundamentals of Moe Norman’s ideal Single Plane Swing.  From Moe’s Single Plane grip and address position to his impact and finish, you’ll not only feel what Moe Norman felt as he was making jaws drop with his consistent ball flight, but you’ll be actually doing it.

(Schools will soon be starting in Los Angeles, CA and Naples, FL)

More information:  CLICK HERE


Problem and Correction


In late November, we started the Winter Training Program –

This series entails filmed practice sessions by Tim and Todd Graves and the GGA Master Instructors that can be performed indoors. Designed specifically for single plane golfers, these sessions will allow you to work on your golf swing all winter and see dramatic improvements on the course when spring hits.

Exclusive to our coaching program members, the series is set up so you can dramatically improve with practice (indoors) over this winter. And if you combine this practice with supervision (coaching), you will be far ahead of where you are now.

See more about Winter Training Program:  CLICK HERE

As you see, we are keeping busy at the GGA!!

And wait till you see some of the new things we have in mind for 2015……

How about a “pocket coach” you can bring on the course with you….?

How about Todd’s new book being published in Jan. about Moe, Moe’s swing and their time together?

Be watching soon, we are very excited about things to come!

Here’s looking to a great 2015!