Frustration Almost Won

In a recent Premier School, one of our students, Steve approached me privately at the conclusion of the school. Like all students, Steve gushed about what a wonderful experience the school was, about how excited he was for his golf future, and how great he felt about going home with his new knowledge and skills.

There was one comment he made to me that really struck me. He said, “I thought golf was over for me.” I asked him to tell me more. He began:

“I was so frustrated with the entire game of golf, I was ready to quit. I had told my wife that I was going to give it one more chance and attend a school, but I was skeptical that the school would help. I actually felt depressed and nearly despondent. I’ve played for 30 years, and I really love to play, but I was at wits end.”

He had shared his golf school experience and how much fun he had – that he was truly excited about the game again, and how energized he was to go home and keep going. I had to ask why he was so excited after the school. He continued:

“I’ve done all kinds of instruction for my game over the years. I’ve attended other schools from instructors with household names, flown all over the country to try to find some help and hope, with no lasting results. What I’ve experience here at your school was a first for me. The instructors are infinitely patient. They never gave up on trying to help me, even when I was struggling myself. I didn’t feel like I was under a microscope of judgment, even though I felt embarrassed a few times. The other students were just like me, and we plan on staying in touch. And for the first time, I’ve not only felt, but seen with my own two eyes my perfect golf swing.”

I was moved by Steve’s story. While I get feedback like this from every Premier school we do, this one touched me. Why? Because stories like this reinforce the reason I love the Single Plane swing and showing other golfers, like Steve how I can really help them love golf again.

Our schools are great for golfers who are hurting physically, frustrated and at wits end emotionally to renew their optimism and gain more enjoyment and satisfaction from their game.

I’m looking forward to the Las Vegas Schools in October where our team can meet a few more golfers like Steve where I can turn their games around, and have a great time in Las Vegas. You can see more about our Las Vegas school HERE.

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