From the Inside Out

From the title of this blog I bet you thought I am talking about the golf swing. Well, in a way I am but there is another inside that I want to talk about – inside your mind and body.

The reason I mention these things is because during our daily lives of driving to the office, having lunch with friends or watching television with your family, you are making a choice whether you know it or not. You are choosing to fill your life with “stuff”, some good and some bad. In my opinion, what you watch with your eyes affects your mind in the same way that eating affects your body – it can slow you down or energize you.

Would you invite a thief into your house?  

It is important to keep a mindful perspective on what we bring into our lives. “Garbage in, Garbage out” – that’s how Moe said it. And it’s true, “What you think about you become” These statements are more than cliché, they are unarguable wisdom. So how does this affect your golf game?

What do you watch on YouTube, the golf channel, or read in a golf magazine? Do you listen to your weekend golf partner about a putting tip? Does this affect your thoughts when you practice or play? Of course, it does and this openness to listen to anything is a problem. Why? Because it shows that you are open to suggestion and more importantly that you lack direction. When it comes to learning and training your golf swing, if you lack direction and don’t know where you are going, you will end up somewhere you don’t want to be – or WORSE.

This problem is really quite easy to correct. Simply decide on what direction you want to go and then “watch” your mind. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you want to learn to swing like Moe. Doesn’t it make sense to watch Moe hit golf balls? Does it also make sense to think about Moe hitting golf balls? Does it make sense to watch Luke Donald hit golf balls? Of course not. Not if you are trying to swing like Moe. So what if you catch yourself watching Luke Donald hit golf balls, simply watch your mind and then think about Moe Norman’s swing. You see, it’s simple.

It was this type of Mind training that Moe thought was lacking in the golfers of the world today. “We aren’t using all of our minds, what a waste” Moe would say. But there is a way to start using more of your mind. This is nothing more than focus, paying attention and then training your mind.

Staying Focused

One thing that helps me stay focused is to always surround myself with things that help my minds direction. For example, I have a picture of Moe on plane at the top of his backswing in my home. I walk by the picture each day and it reminds me of Moe and the importance of swing plane. I keep reminders of health around my office such as healthy food, plants and positive books. All of these things effect your mind and your energy and your energy carries over into your work, family and relationships.

Today, commit to spending more time on what you want whether it be a Single Plane golf swing, better health or a family vacation. Try to catch your mind traveling off in negative directions and bring it back again to what you want.

Consider the things you think about as seeds that are planted in your mind. These seeds, whether you want them to or not will grow into trees. Do you really want to plant what you are thinking about. It is your thought. Your Choice. Your decision.

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