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These five steps are designed to introduce you to the steps necessary to update your current conventional golf swing to a simple, safer on the body, Moe Norman single plane swing that could change your golf game forever. Step 1. The Arms and Golf Club Relationship
Step 2. The Pivot Point™ and The Mid-Spine Intersect™
Step 3. The Arms Move The Golf Club
Step 4. Swing Plane – Backswing
Step 5. The Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing

Moe Norman’s self-taught single plane golf swing was called weird, unorthodox, different, but it was highly efficient, amazingly exact and freakishly accurate. Among his many victories are two Canadian Amateurs, two CPGA Championships and five CPGA Senior Championships along with multiple victories in the Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan Opens.
  • 3 Sanctioned 59′s
  • 17 Hole-in-one’s
  • 9 Double-Eagles
  • Won over 50 Tournaments
  • Set over 30 Course Records