Fosbury Flop

By Chuck C:

The Fosbury Flop revolutionized the sport of high jumping. Prior to Dick Fosbury everyone jumped over the bar facing it as they approached the jump. Dick turned his body and jumped with his back to the bar. Today,everone jumps that way. Why? The answer is simple, it’s a bio-mechanically superior way to jump higher,and therefore dominates the sport to this day.  However, it took this “weirdo” winning the gold medal before anyone tried the technique.  I believe Moe Norman was the Dick Fosbury of golf.

If Moe Norman was not the socially challenged man he was, I believe he would have won every major and set the great game of golf on it’s ears. I saw Moe strike balls at a clinic for almost two hours.

I have also watched many great tour players as well, Kite, Price, Norman (Greg) and many others at PGA tour events.  I like to go early and stand behind them as they go through their warm ups.  I can emphatically state that no one ever impressed me as much as Moe.  His prowess at striking a golf ball was beyond what a mere mortal could do.

Why?  Because he developed a bio-mechanically superior way to strike a golf ball. That’s what Titleist discovered when they measured his swing-perfect spin that only a machine could accomplish.

Moe’s record in Canada speaks for itself.  His personality disorder kept him from duplicating it on the PGA tour.  Otherwise, I for one believe we would all be swinging like Moe today.  Just like everyone uses the Fosbury flop in high jumping today.

The bottom line, it is a superior way to swing a golf club on plane and square into impact, period.  It is simpler, has fewer moving parts and gives no quarter to distance or power.  All you need do is try it to become a believer. It will work for anyone, because it is bio-mechanically pure, more efficient and easier to do.

Now for my confession.  I am a Graves Golf Academy Alum, and a flaming zealot of Moe’s swing and the Graves school of golf.  I am only a student and not in anyway affiliated with or compensated by them.  I suffered with a lousy golf game for thirty years before I discovered the Moe way.  Thanks to Moe and GGA, I am now an accomplished player of the game I love but could never play.