Why is the video screen black? I can’t see the tip.

It could be the result of any of these factors:

1) Your Adobe Flash Player is not updated. You can download the most current version in this link – http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

2) Your browser does not support the video format. Try using a different browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox as it seems to be the most compatible with videos.

3) You are using a smartphone or tablet to view the video. We’ve already fixed this issue but some of the older videos still use a different format that is not compatible with smartphones or tablets. If this is the case, try viewing the video on a desktop computer and see if it works.

4) You are using Android OS smartphone or table. Unfortunately, most Android-based smartphones or tablets don’t support the video format we’re using. We’re still trying to resolve this issue. Try viewing the tip on a desktop computer.

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