Todd Graves

Co-founder / Partner

Resides in Edmond,OK

Born in Fargo, ND, Todd graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in Management Information Systems.

Todd began playing golf at age 11 when he started working at a local golf course as a “wonder”. A “wonder” position provided kids with an opportunity to work 1 – 2 days per week and play and practice for free.  He began playing competitive golf at age 12.  His greatest achievement in golf as a teen was winning 4 tournaments his senior year of high school.

Todd was a walk on to the team at the University of Oklahoma at the recommendation of Todd Hamilton and David Sheffield, both members of the team at the time.   He was working at a local course and going to school when he saw Todd and David playing a few holes.  Joining them on the back nine, he remembers playing well.  Todd Hamilton asked him what he was doing and he said just working in the bag room.  Todd (Hamilton) was nice enough to talk to the assistant coach at the time to hold a walk-on tournament to give Todd (Graves) a chance at a spot on the team.  He won the tournament by one shot.  Todd Hamilton later confided to Todd that if he wouldn’t have made that putt, they would not have taken any other walk-on.  After a wrist injury that side lined him from competitive play, Todd became the Assistant Coach for the OU team from 1990-1991.

Todd was employed by Natural Golf Corporation as an instructor / tour player from 1994-1998, was a member of the Canadian PGA Tour in 1995, and the Asian Golf Tour in 1991.  He also played in the Hooters and Dakota tours.

When speaking of his achievements in golf, Todd says, “None really matter except I have been fortunate to learn much about myself in all of my golf experiences.  I have also met some great people and traveled the world in the process.  My favorite time was playing in the Colorado Open.  With 3 holes left I was tied for the lead.  I hit the ball O.B. on number 16 which cost me the tournament.  The next week I was playing in the Oklahoma Open and I saw Lance Posey, another player who was at the CO open.  He said that he saw me get to the top of the leader board but then fall off.  He asked what happened.  I said “I hit it O.B. on 16”.  He said “No you mean 15”.  I said “No, I mean 16!”  He then pauses and says “That’s the biggest fairway on the course!”

Todd has been featured in the following videos:

  • “Golf Reform is At Hand” – Natural Golf Production by Peter Fox
  • Moe Norman and Natural Golf – Golf Digest
  • Faults and Fixes – Natural Golf with Ken Martin, Jerry Foltz
  • Driving for Distance – Natural Golf with Ken Martin, Jerry Foltz
  • Moe Norman – The Short Game – Natural Golf with Moe Norman
  • “Lifetime of Better Golf” – Natural Golf with Ken Ellsworth, Peter Fox and Bob Rosburg

In additon, Todd has been featured in the following print articles and editorials:

  • December 1995 Golf Digest – Moe Knows – “You Can Swing Like Moe”
  • Contributed to “Lifetime of Better Golf” Book – 1997
  • Golf for Women Magazine – “What’s this Thing called Natural Golf” November / December 1996
  • South Central Section Magazine – “Natural Wonder” – 1996
  • Natural Golfer Magazine – various issues

Todd currently resides in Edmond, OK, with his dog “Princess”.  Todd’s parents, Don & Cheryl Graves along with brother Tim, sister in law Gerilynne, and nephew Triston reside in Oklahoma City.  Todd’s girlfriend, Tracy Bielich, also resides in Edmond.

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