How can I learn to play Moe Norman Single Plane style?

There are several different ways you can begin hitting longer, straighter shots the Moe Norman / Single Axis way. A great introduction is the “” Total Game Overview; what the Moe Norman swing is all about “” package featuring Todd & Tim Graves. The series is comprised of 2 DVDs or 3 VHS tapes with over 2 1/2 hours of 100% instruction in all areas of the game. From the “”Little Moe Swing for Life”” section where Todd Graves details the fundamentals of Moe Norman’s ideal golf swing, to the “”Short Game Instruction”” section featuring Tim Graves (PGA), no area of the game of golf is left uncovered. The third section of the series, titled “”Course Managment / How to Practice”” walks you through situations you face on the course every time you play, including different lies, types of shots, etc., as well as how to get the most out of your practice time.

You can also learn directly from Moe Norman’s protege, Todd Graves; who was personally instructed by Canadian Hall of Famer and Golf Legend Moe Norman himself. He and the staff of the Graves Golf Academy will teach you at all of their schools and camps that are conducted at their Academy locations in Oklahoma City, OK and Orlando, FL along with locations around the nation throughout the year.

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